Monday, June 24, 2013

Just a little list of things for me to remember..., later, whenever.

1. Food is food. Exercise is exercise. Just have good balance. Don't let other people's "ways to motivate" interrupt your healthy intuition that when you start feeling a little uncomfortable with yourself: do something about it. Diets and theories and sayings only instigate nagging guilt. Always remember that beauty doesn't matter most and being skinny or toned isn't your number one contribution to society. Be above all the nonsense because every second you spend obsessing about physical flaws is a second lost, of a life you only get once.

2. Wine gives you hangovers. Stick with Tequila.

3. Breathe. It’s okay to laugh with bad timing or be inappropriate for the office or be too loud. Don't get me wrong, make yourself better if you're being annoying...but, overall - no one will remember the next day so nothing to fret over.

4. Dance. Dance alone in the bar while people giggle at you, Just Dance for Wii, mid-run when you get stuck at a stoplight, or when you’re cooking. Salsa at nightclubs when everyone else is grinding and jump around the bedroom when you’re picking out clothes…who cares what people think. At least being weird is something no one can pretend to be.

5. Dinner and a movie with yourself: so great. Don’t get overwhelmed with obligations, sometimes you need a date night with you.

6. Love and cry and sniff and weep and stare longingly at the television. Fuck it- be a girl.

7. Stay modest. You are who you are and the beautiful thing is, you can be. Just don’t be a snob; you’re not better…just less into porn and flashing people.

8. Be thankful. Remember those teenage nights laying in your bunk bed with chips ahoy sheets dreaming of when you’d get out of Oklahoma. You were going to see things you read about, meet people who admire being different, pick out furniture, and buy all the VS underwear you could ever dream of. Guess what? You did it!

9. You’re wrinkle-y and you’re gonna get more wrinkle-y. Just like your mom and your adorable grandmother…so, be cool with it. No amount of eye cream can save you. Also, you’re white and vain-y and sometimes turn blue… or bright red. Get over it; there are so many worse things in life. And actually, it’s kind of like you’re colorful :)

10Don’t be uptight, laugh at yourself. I know sometimes you wish for your soap box and your temper flares up…but harness it. Time provides resolve anyway and burnt bridges will just haunt you later.

11You love reading, make time for it. Whether it’s Vogue or Leaves of Grass, you’ll be glad you did.

12. Be your own you. Give yourself whatever titles you relate to without approval. Being a runner doesn’t mean you run every single day and being a painter doesn’t mean you have to show your work. You don't have to live up to anything or anyone. And if the world doesn't like it, your dog will always love you.

13. Go to the doctor. It’s expensive and health insurance doesn’t do shit. But, waiting, only to find out you could have solved it quicker and easier earlier will just suck. Go to the optometrist and lady doctor and dentist too.

14. Call your dad. He’s cool and you miss him. Also, forgive your brother. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re young. 

15. Never forget the people you love who are gone. It’s amazing how you still know exactly what they would have said.

And when life gets too confusing to think about: watch Sex in the City, read Harry Potter, and listen to oldies.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Santa Barbara

We had such a great trip driving south! Boyfriend and I left Saturday morning pretty early and started on the 1 highway. The views were insane. Easily the most beautiful beaches I've seen in California. Plus, they are all secluded and difficult to get to. I wish we would have prepared better and hiked down to see time!

I love the patterns the seaweed makes :)

We pulled over to see this adorable lighthouse. Angelo and I were planning out our big Europe trip most of the drive down, so it was nice to have a break. Choosing cities is a pretty stressful thing! #firstworldproblems
It was awesome after driving along the coast for so long to go through the Big Sur. Who doesn't love redwoods? (speaking of- we're planning a big camping trip for July 4th weekend in the Redwood forest!).

Once we arrived in San Luis Obisbo, we found a couple of breweries to check-out. First one was a no-go but Creekside was amazing!

They had blueberry habanero ribs...ri-diculous. The slaw was perfect and the beer was excellent. They brew just 3 or 4 beers in-house. Plus the restaurant was adorable with a little creek and wooden patio. Perfect snack before we went to check out Pismo beach.

At Steamers, we had a window seat with a beautiful sunset view. I think the bar was our favorite part though because a funny man was playing oldies music country style, hockey was on, and we had drinks :) I think Angelo's cioppino needed a bit more seasoning...but overall, great atmosphere and a fun experience. I was really sad I couldn't take leftovers! Don't worry though, I ate all my scallops.

After a quick drive to Santa Barbara, we stopped for lobster rolls at Arch Rock Fish. And Bloody Mary's! And some other yummy appetizers (Calamari & Salmon Deviled Eggs). Spent all day shopping and hanging out on State Street (so fun!). I found out I love Tilly's and we bought some stuff from Sur la Table. Santa Barbara has an Aerie. I haven't seen that store since Tulsa like 10 years ago. They have awesome, soft, perfect work-out undies and are really reasonably priced for bras (although probably not as quality as VS -- I'm a believer). We stopped at the beach before heading over for burgers at the Habit. I can't get enough of the ocean...warm sand, sun on my skin, and that water that just goes on forever. Sometimes it's really nice to feel small. 
We had planned to go out dancing but were all relaxed so we ended up seeing a movie! Now You See Me - not at all what I expected but very good! Perfect redbox-er :)

Before heading home Sunday, we went to check out the Santa Barbara Mission. There was some kind of neat school project going on, so the pavement in front of the buildings was covered in very impressive chalk drawings. We had a great time criticizing and raving over each of the drawings. That mission had the most striking colors and contrasts in the old bricks. It was really inspiring. Afterwards we ate at Hendry's Boat Crab Cake Eggs Benedict: so good! Thanks to Angelo's friend Trevor for the great recommendations.

Overall, such a lovely weekend trip! I'd love to go again to Santa Barbara, maybe check out the nightlife and beach it up some more. The drive was really easy from the city. Thanks, as always, to my handsome man for making every little weekend trip seem like a week long vacation xo

Friday, June 14, 2013


My new friend Kara came to stay with us Friday night. She just moved to the bay area and I have a funny feeling she'll be around often :)

I played Cranium for the first time ($6 - Thanks Goodwill).

Our neighbors, Claire and Gabriel, came up for a while. Gabriel has an IQ of 140 so needless to say it was a mistake to play a board game with him. I did a pretty good job on the drawing but my spelling skills failed me! They announced their engagement and we were the first to celebrate. Pretty neat; I like that they prefaced the announcement that basically the only reason they are doing it is because of immigration issues. Hopefully it'll be a good party and we'll be invited!

We tried to have some fun out in the city but we kept running into cover charges and dress codes. Sooo basically we walked around a lot and got some tacos. But, hey! It was an adventure. We wandered into an adult bookstore, so that was unfortunate.

Also, thanks to Kara's persistent photography (and peer pressuring) skills, I now have 3 photos of boyfriend and I kissing ;) haha


Thursday, June 13, 2013

West Coast

Boyfriend and I are driving down the coast this weekend. I'm excited because even though I spent a lot of time in So Cal and the Northwest, I've missed the in between. We're going to start out driving down the 1 from San Francisco and stop along the way, then stay the night in San Luis Obispo. Sunday we'll see Pismo Beach and drive down to Santa Barbara. I've always heard its so beautiful there.

Plus, since we've had roommates these last 2 weeks we could really use the alone time. I miss my handsome man! Can't be too love-y dove-y in front of the guys though.
We'll be going out tonight to a club with the guys' Albuquerque friend. I'm sure it'll be a blast! It's been nice having our party friends from out of town staying with us. SF is just a chilled out dive bar kind of place so most of our friends here aren't down for the club, club. Sometimes you gotta dance though!

I'll leave it with this weird little dude :

Stay tuned xo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blogging, Writing, Remembering

Well hello to myself.

I've never had a blog before, but I love them. Especially people I know and the few people I feel like I know because I've kept up with them for so long. Sharing is fun and I'm pretty sure everyone likes talking about themselves.

They say when you start a project, creative or otherwise, you should write up some goals and a timeline to stay connected to it.
So, here goes:

- Remember stuff, if you know me you know this is important.
- Share with family & friends...especially from other cities I don't get to visit often enough. Facebook posting is so over-bearing. This feels less like I'm forcing information on people.
- Maybe spark conversations and learn things I didn't know before…if anyone reads this that is.
- Catalog my thoughts on things so I can tell people later if they ask… like restaurant reviews, recipes, places, etc.
- Get my art out there a bit; I've been such a reclusive painter since college.
- Showcase my photos just because I love them.
- Give advice to myself for future reference since I know I'll forget.
- And finally, relieve some of my 9-5 boredom. Wikipedia has finally failed to produce more interesting links to jump to. #wikiedout

Try to write twice a week. Not long, crazy posts…but just something every few days.

Stay tuned.