Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blogging, Writing, Remembering

Well hello to myself.

I've never had a blog before, but I love them. Especially people I know and the few people I feel like I know because I've kept up with them for so long. Sharing is fun and I'm pretty sure everyone likes talking about themselves.

They say when you start a project, creative or otherwise, you should write up some goals and a timeline to stay connected to it.
So, here goes:

- Remember stuff, if you know me you know this is important.
- Share with family & friends...especially from other cities I don't get to visit often enough. Facebook posting is so over-bearing. This feels less like I'm forcing information on people.
- Maybe spark conversations and learn things I didn't know before…if anyone reads this that is.
- Catalog my thoughts on things so I can tell people later if they ask… like restaurant reviews, recipes, places, etc.
- Get my art out there a bit; I've been such a reclusive painter since college.
- Showcase my photos just because I love them.
- Give advice to myself for future reference since I know I'll forget.
- And finally, relieve some of my 9-5 boredom. Wikipedia has finally failed to produce more interesting links to jump to. #wikiedout

Try to write twice a week. Not long, crazy posts…but just something every few days.

Stay tuned.