Monday, June 24, 2013

Just a little list of things for me to remember..., later, whenever.

1. Food is food. Exercise is exercise. Just have good balance. Don't let other people's "ways to motivate" interrupt your healthy intuition that when you start feeling a little uncomfortable with yourself: do something about it. Diets and theories and sayings only instigate nagging guilt. Always remember that beauty doesn't matter most and being skinny or toned isn't your number one contribution to society. Be above all the nonsense because every second you spend obsessing about physical flaws is a second lost, of a life you only get once.

2. Wine gives you hangovers. Stick with Tequila.

3. Breathe. It’s okay to laugh with bad timing or be inappropriate for the office or be too loud. Don't get me wrong, make yourself better if you're being annoying...but, overall - no one will remember the next day so nothing to fret over.

4. Dance. Dance alone in the bar while people giggle at you, Just Dance for Wii, mid-run when you get stuck at a stoplight, or when you’re cooking. Salsa at nightclubs when everyone else is grinding and jump around the bedroom when you’re picking out clothes…who cares what people think. At least being weird is something no one can pretend to be.

5. Dinner and a movie with yourself: so great. Don’t get overwhelmed with obligations, sometimes you need a date night with you.

6. Love and cry and sniff and weep and stare longingly at the television. Fuck it- be a girl.

7. Stay modest. You are who you are and the beautiful thing is, you can be. Just don’t be a snob; you’re not better…just less into porn and flashing people.

8. Be thankful. Remember those teenage nights laying in your bunk bed with chips ahoy sheets dreaming of when you’d get out of Oklahoma. You were going to see things you read about, meet people who admire being different, pick out furniture, and buy all the VS underwear you could ever dream of. Guess what? You did it!

9. You’re wrinkle-y and you’re gonna get more wrinkle-y. Just like your mom and your adorable grandmother…so, be cool with it. No amount of eye cream can save you. Also, you’re white and vain-y and sometimes turn blue… or bright red. Get over it; there are so many worse things in life. And actually, it’s kind of like you’re colorful :)

10Don’t be uptight, laugh at yourself. I know sometimes you wish for your soap box and your temper flares up…but harness it. Time provides resolve anyway and burnt bridges will just haunt you later.

11You love reading, make time for it. Whether it’s Vogue or Leaves of Grass, you’ll be glad you did.

12. Be your own you. Give yourself whatever titles you relate to without approval. Being a runner doesn’t mean you run every single day and being a painter doesn’t mean you have to show your work. You don't have to live up to anything or anyone. And if the world doesn't like it, your dog will always love you.

13. Go to the doctor. It’s expensive and health insurance doesn’t do shit. But, waiting, only to find out you could have solved it quicker and easier earlier will just suck. Go to the optometrist and lady doctor and dentist too.

14. Call your dad. He’s cool and you miss him. Also, forgive your brother. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re young. 

15. Never forget the people you love who are gone. It’s amazing how you still know exactly what they would have said.

And when life gets too confusing to think about: watch Sex in the City, read Harry Potter, and listen to oldies.