Friday, June 14, 2013


My new friend Kara came to stay with us Friday night. She just moved to the bay area and I have a funny feeling she'll be around often :)

I played Cranium for the first time ($6 - Thanks Goodwill).

Our neighbors, Claire and Gabriel, came up for a while. Gabriel has an IQ of 140 so needless to say it was a mistake to play a board game with him. I did a pretty good job on the drawing but my spelling skills failed me! They announced their engagement and we were the first to celebrate. Pretty neat; I like that they prefaced the announcement that basically the only reason they are doing it is because of immigration issues. Hopefully it'll be a good party and we'll be invited!

We tried to have some fun out in the city but we kept running into cover charges and dress codes. Sooo basically we walked around a lot and got some tacos. But, hey! It was an adventure. We wandered into an adult bookstore, so that was unfortunate.

Also, thanks to Kara's persistent photography (and peer pressuring) skills, I now have 3 photos of boyfriend and I kissing ;) haha