Thursday, June 13, 2013

West Coast

Boyfriend and I are driving down the coast this weekend. I'm excited because even though I spent a lot of time in So Cal and the Northwest, I've missed the in between. We're going to start out driving down the 1 from San Francisco and stop along the way, then stay the night in San Luis Obispo. Sunday we'll see Pismo Beach and drive down to Santa Barbara. I've always heard its so beautiful there.

Plus, since we've had roommates these last 2 weeks we could really use the alone time. I miss my handsome man! Can't be too love-y dove-y in front of the guys though.
We'll be going out tonight to a club with the guys' Albuquerque friend. I'm sure it'll be a blast! It's been nice having our party friends from out of town staying with us. SF is just a chilled out dive bar kind of place so most of our friends here aren't down for the club, club. Sometimes you gotta dance though!

I'll leave it with this weird little dude :

Stay tuned xo