Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Tour of San Francisco

It's always fun when people come to visit. Lucky for us, we had 6 visitors this last weekend. Have I mentioned we have a one bedroom apartment? It all worked out :) Thank goodness for air mattresses! Hugo, from Albuquerque, came on Thursday night. He and I have a travel bond from our trip to Cuba (starving, melting, and week long leg cramps - these bonds last a lifetime). Adam and Melissa, also from Albuquerque, came Friday night. I met Adam before, but it was nice to get to know him better and it was our first time to meet Melissa. Kara came to stay with us again from outside of the city and she brought a co-worker, Amber. Then, Saturday morning Megan, from Canada, flew in for a week. She is Angelo's best friend from when he studied abroad in Austria. We kicked off the weekend by a second attempt at going to Temple. And guess what? We made it this time! We weren't that impressed with it though. The music was way too house for my taste, but the decorations (a big buddha!) were very cool and we had fun just hanging out all together.

Angelo, me, Hugo, Kara, Kyle, Amber

Saturday was somewhat of a late morning. Since Angelo went to pick up Megan from the airport, I got to clean up from the night before. So great -  I hate that "end of the weekend apartment" that you have to deal with Sunday night. Everyone left to go for a run up to Alamo Square (the Painted Ladies). It's really the perfect exercise route with a bonus view at the end. I should attack that hill more often since I usually keep my jogs within Golden Gate Park.

Next up we headed over to wait in line at Zazie. The Haight is right next to Cole Valley, so we end up spending a lot of time in that area. But, we've never wanted to wait the hour to try it and figured since we had 9 people- might as well. It ended up being over an hour! Good thing it's sooo worth it. It's a French restaurant with a really cute café feel. They have signs up in French and a back garden patio that is San Francisco perfect. Bonus: the host will come and get you from the bar next door! Bloody Mary's are yummy.


        Zazie was delicious. Easily one of the best Eggs Benedict I've ever had. I ordered the Pierre Noir and wow. The egg was cooked perfectly, the salty bacon, crisp tomato, and buttery heaven hollandaise. Indescribable. Plus, I got a black currant mimosa with a scoop of peach sorbet. I don't even have to say that was awesome. 

We headed down to the Ferry Building because it's one of our favorite places to take visitors. So many cool shops and tents. After, you can walk down the piers to Fisherman's Wharf. I had to get Megan some macaroons from Miette. So good, and she hadn't had one before! Of course I ordered like 6. I bet their cakes are delicious. Who's ever birthday is next - look out.


We ran into an amazing street performance down by the grotto. Live SYTYCD!

After a pretty long day of walking around Pier 39, the grotto, and riding the trolleys, we ended up checking out Blue Mermaid Chowder House for dinner. Boyfriend and I have been wanting to try this place because a friend of friend actually works there. It was just as good as he said! Award winning Crab and Corn Chowder. 'nough said.

Afterwards, we had to walk over to Ghiradelli Square. It's always on the list. Megan ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate, so good. I was way too full to order anything, but I can tell you their sundae's are ah-mazing.

That night we ended up playing drinking games at home and listening to music. Adam is a fan of oldies and Megan likes country so it was a pretty epic mix. By the time we finally decided to leave and check out a few bars in the Haight, it was already really late. We still went to three places! I guess the ceiling can't hold us :) The Milk Bar was dead. I just know that place is going to be ridiculously fun when we finally catch it on a good night. Keep trying for sure. Hobson's was fun as usual: good music, expensive, and stops serving way too early. The new place we went to, Murio's Trophy Room was like a vampire bar! Really quiet and creepy, but very good decorations. It was a cool, chilled out spot with comfy sofas -- perfect to end the night. We grabbed a slice on the way home too from Escape from New York. This blog is such a testament to how often I eat...

In the morning, Kara, Amber, Adam, and Melissa all headed home. Kyle was too hung over to explore with us. So the fabulous four: me, Megan, boyfriend, and Hugo headed straight over to Chinatown to eat at Hong Kong Clay Pot. I tried Jellyfish. It wasn't that bad, but I'm not sure why anyone would eat it unless there's just nothing else. We also ordered Abalone, which I've only had raw. I thought maybe I would like it better cooked, but no, its just a little too chewy. I'll take Ahi Tuna or Scallops every day of the week. The pan fried noodles with shrimp were simple and delicious. I tried a fried spring roll (I'd only had the Vietnamese cold kind before this) - so good. The crunchiness really adds something.  Plus, Megan and I were irrationally stoked about the Pepsi :)

Angelo had to go home and study after lunch but the three of us kept on checking out the city. We walked over to the Transamerica tower. It was pretty intense to look straight up and watch the clouds zoom by -- sometimes they go so fast here! Oklahoma has perfect sunsets, Colorado has perfect blue skies, and San Francisco has perfect clouds/fog. Oh, and San Diego has perfect everything.

Afterwards, we went over to check out Coit Tower. People say there are parrots on Telegraph Hill, but this makes my 5th-ish time climbing it and I haven't seen one yet. My favorite is at the top when you look around at all the hills up and down, up and down on each side. It's worth the $7, but depending on when you go -- I'm not sure it's worth the line. The murals are pretty neat as well. I think the riot one on the back side. Who doesn't like the occasionally stickup included in art?
Last, but not least, we went home to grab boyfriend and Kyle to head to our favorite ice cream place in the city. I ordered Butterscotch and Raspberry Sorbet, yum yum yum yum yum.

I also just love their little outfits and the perfect soda fountain set-up. They even have home-made tinctures and use acid drops to make old fashioned sodas. Hands down the best root beer float ever. It even comes with a toasted marshmallow on top - can.not.beat.it.

I'm so glad everyone came to visit and we got to show off our awesome city once again! Seeing the same sites never gets old when you have different people to share it with.

I hope everyone comes back soon!
Until next time xo