Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrating with the enemy

Thursday night (the 4th) I came home to a park full of people already celebrating the USA! It was awesome. People were literally singing and dancing and getting crazy at like 11 AM.

We ended up spending the whole evening partying with our neighbors. Gabriel is from the UK. First thing he said: "congratulations, we lost"! It's important to note that at that time he had chocolate cake all over this face and dirt all over his clothes from falling into the garden. Needless to say they started earlier than we did :)
We also hung out with Giam, from France; Liza and Claire, from Denmark; Cherie, from some place I don't remember; and lots of others. It was really special to have so many people from other places get together to celebrate the country where we live all together. We played beer pong, BBQed ribs and corn on the cob, climbed up and down the fire escape from one apartment to the other (at times, with dog in hand...there's nothing Gryffindor loves more than a party, besides maybe the aforementioned ribs), karaoke, late night pizza, and a few long life chats. I'm so glad we have neighbors our age! Plus, a friend of mine, Daniel, from way back was traveling through and showed up just in time. I don't think we got to sleep until way late, but we were all still up at 6:30am to start our big camping journey!

Just a few things I found floating around the interwebs...

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Stay tuned next time for way more photos than you'll ever want to see of California's gorgeous Redwood Forests!