Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Pride weekend in San Francisco is probably the closest I'll ever get to experiencing Woodstock.

It was insane. Kara and a friend from work, Shuo, came to stay with us for the weekend so we could check out Pride together. We started out Friday night heading to Temple with new friends Sam and Charlotte (they are from Tulsa!), but didn't make it cause poor boyfriend got too sick. It was the Four Loco...those things are like death in can. So he and I had a pretty adventurous time getting home on the train. Thank goodness a wonderful homeless man gave us his paper bag ;)

Charlotte, Kara, me, Sam
Check out boyfriend photo bombing !

Saturday we went down to Civic Center for the festival. There was some pretty cool cheer leading tossing, It's It, liqueur in McDonald's cups, the biggest a** I've ever seen, party people, fuzzy bell bottoms, tu-tu's, and tons of pasties. Pretty good party, SF really knows how to handle community events.

 Shuo, Angelo, Kyle, Kara, me

Next we took the bus down to check out Dolores Park where we ran into a massive crowd: lots of drinking, family picnics, gold body paint, a few people who forgot their pants, wedding dresses, rave dancing, and some awesome Fleetwood Mac-ish music. I was really happy to be in the thick of what feels like a revolution. I love the culture around pride and LGBT rights, its so open and free and non-judgmental. I almost cried like twice. There was a couple that have been together 43 years...that's love. And now they have all the same rights, breaks, freedoms, and respect that comes with the marriage license they signed in 2009. So thankful our court supports our constitution and equality for every American's pursuit of their own happiness.

Sunday we went to the parade. While we were holding our spot we taught Shuo to play rummy. I guess they don't play cards in China, but she figured it out pretty quick! Especially since I was a bad teacher and forgot to explain that a straight has to be all the same suit. Now, here I have to be honest. There were like two cool floats and the rest was just people walking in matching t-shirts. Parade-watching wise: it sucked. But, I got to see Mark Zuckerberg and Tabitha Coffey in person! And I was "Like" stamped from a Facebook employee (they must have invented non-removable ink because it's still on my arm). 

By the time the parade ended, I looked around and it was the most people I've ever seen in one place at one time in my life. It was absolutely crazy, you couldn't move or see or anything! Since we rode our bikes down from the apartment, it was perfect just cruising right out of the mess to get pizza at Patxi's. So yum :)

I'm really glad to have experienced the best PRIDE in the USA. #ONELOVE

"I might not be the same, but that's not important. No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it"