Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why isn't it Friday?

My desk at work: badge with Printstagram mini photo stickers - painting from college- e tea cup - photo of my grandma - too short second monitor - mag ad that I designed - yarn buddy: Ellie the Elephant

This week went by so fast! Someone ran into my car (hello $250 deductible), two excellent breakfast sandwiches made by boyfriend, purchase of a desperately needed swiffer wet jet, laundry, at-home mani/pedi, starting to plan a trip to Europe for the end of the year (fingers crossed!), boss out of town (lots of NPR and iHeartRadio), resting up for this weekend, and catching up on So You Think You Can Dance (Amy & Fik-Shun FTW). Still, tomorrow can't come soon enough. I've always preferred being busy in a work environment and this job is really ...ugh. After all, re-vamping spreadsheets can only take up so much time.

Here's just a few things I found online today...

The most wonderful shop for all things ride.
The perfect lotion for your purse.
The cutest gift for any couple.
For the calendar.
A way to support (and buy cute things).