Thursday, August 1, 2013

A country-fied day

Boyfriend told me awhile back he had a surprise for me. Every time he does that I assume we're going skydiving (although, I've decided now I want to work up to, I've got a hot air balloon ride, ziplining, helicopter, and bungee jumping first).

Turns out, he got us tickets to the Blues & Bones festival about 2 hours east of SF. So, we packed up a few things (and borrowed our pseudo roommates's truck with a mattress/camper set-up just case we drank too much) and headed out for the drive.
It was perfect because I've been missing him with all the visitors and my trip to Mexico. We got to catch up and tell all those little funny stories that happened that week or before that you don't have time for in the usual daily recap. For instance, all about the hilariously cruel antics of my judgmental Brazilian coworker and boyfriend's new term of completely careless yet successful finance instructors. We picked up some surprisingly delicious mini corn dogs from A&W -- haven't been there in years and stopped in a creepy tiny fake but not fake gas station\town...welcome to rural California !

At first we couldn't find it; it was literally a dirt road off of a corn field. But, we spotted the parking lot half full of Harley's. The place was called Frogtown USA. They're proud to produce the farthest jumping frogs in the world. Farthest, not highest mind you.
No, seriously.
It was awesome.

Plus, they had 4 different BBQ tents with ribs, brisket, slow cooked pork, tri-tip, and different types of coleslaw and potato salad. And beer! I'm always down for a few Blue Moon's.

The best part was the music. Blues bands played all day, and excellent ones. We had some tequila in the truck, walked around, played cards, chilled out on our lawn chairs and browsed all the cute booths with soap, jewelry, bandanas, and, of course, antenna decorations for every major college football team.

The only thing  missing was my parents and boyfriend's entire family. Now, that, would have been a party.

After some serious blues induced groovin' by the stage to Johnny Lee Hooker Jr.'s set, we headed to the truck to relax. I just laid out on the tailgate and looked at the stars. There were so many out there. You can't see them in the city.

After a bit we decided we felt like driving home...didn't get to our apartment until 1 in the morning but totally worth it to get to sleep in!

Moral of the story, even Frogtown USA is a freaking blast with this guy:

xox Ellie