Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Starting with what you do know (case of the Mondays)

I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed with life.
It doesn't help to live with the least lazy person in the world. Boyfriend just keeps going... Even when he's "relaxing", he's making sure whatever relaxing activity he chooses to partake in is something at least slightly productive (i.e. movie he hasn't seen, football game he's been waiting to pick apart). I like to watch the same old movies over and over. I read the same books every year. It's like I'm allergic to growth. Why is it some people automatically progress and others have to remember to? Is this natural selection? If so, I'm in big trouble.

I always think if I could just...
  • spend less time thinking about what other people may or may not be thinking.
  • stop worrying about things that aren't going to happen for several months in the future.
  • quit effin daydreaming. It's ridiculous how many random scenarios I think out on a daily basis.
  • just wake up. Stop being a sleepy head.
  • eat healthier this week.
  • figure out how to afford more work out classes.
  • stop buying stuff I don't need!
  • quit watching America's Next Top Model and paint a watercolor.
  • remember to wear my damn retainer.
It's such a lack of determination. Everyone wants to feel content in their life. Feel successful, comfortable, just happy. But, what happens after you have those things? You can't just be done. That's boring. There's always some way to be better.

So, how to change your habits and feel like you're making the most of everyday... (especially weekdays - I swear Monday through Thursday go by in mere seconds)
The only thing I can think is to start with what you know. I know that exercise motivates me. Finishing small projects gets me excited for the next one. Getting out of the house keeps me focused. Making my bed and having a picked up apartment makes me feel worthy. 8 hours of sleep, and 8 hours only, is perfect. And I know I need to chat with people...otherwise, my poor boyfriend (and roommate) have to listen to me ramble on about a bunch of silly shit. Making lists fixes all problems. And lastly, a mantra (for some reason having something to tell myself in moments of blur helps me immensely).

I think I'll roll out an old classic: feed the good wolf.
But, I'll modify it to: feed the growing wolf. It's not perfect, but I understand it perfectly.

Step one - wearing my retainer to bed right now. Hopefully by next Monday I'll feel accomplished for the week. I mean, its really all about how you feel, right?

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays...

I'll check in.
xo Ellie

Afterthought: I think I understand why all the best artists were sad.