Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All of the stuff that we do

Well my little blog, I haven't been awesome at making time to update. In my defense, I've been studying for the GRE, working a lot more than usual, and - let's be honest - being lazy. Regardless, here I am trying to make time.

Firstly, (in reference to my last post) I'm happy to announce I've been wearing my silly retainer around 2 times a week. That's progress! I've also mostly halted daydreaming by a considerable amount (especially at work). Waking up, still bad. And I still watch America's Next Top Model - oh well. I do make the bed when I can, I have been getting plenty of sleep and I feel better for it. And I'm always trying to feed the growing wolf. Alright, that's enough boring self motivation...moving on.

Boyfriend and I have been doing all kinds of fun things! (Please excuse the order, that's what happens when you don't update regularly.) We went to see Method Man and Redman! They were completely awesome. Best rap concert I've ever been to. I don't know how they perform that long without passing out. Poor Meth was sliding all over the stage because their sweat was making the rubber mat slick.

The San Francisco hip hop crowd is hilarious, which just added to the entertainment. I had no idea how many hipsters like hip hop. Plaid scarfs and Clarks were littering a crowd of Oakland A's fans. Awesome. Plus my white girl hip hop moves fit right in :) I Zumba'd all over the right side of the stage. And it's always fun to break out my inner badass to save a spot for boyfriend while he's in the restroom or getting drinks. Needless to say, no one tried to get his spot.

We had a super fun night with 3 sets of twins one weekend. It must be pretty cool to be a twin. Course, I'm sure there are some downsides. Anyway below are Kara and Kayla, Charlotte and Sam, and Amanda and Lindsey - with little ole me in the middle of course.

Our friends Rafael and Elena visited for a few days as well! They are so fun.
We actually drove from San Diego up to Redlands, CA last year to stay with them. It was the most relaxing weekend...we cleaned a billion pomegranates (fresh pomegranate juice is insanely delicious, especially with champagne). I rock climbed on a fake wall for the first time. We went up a mountain to an apple orchard and ate liquid nitrogen ice cream. Plus we got to check out all the local spots in Redlands - very cute.

This time they came to see us. Raf just got a new job, so they were celebrating. They showed us this ridiculously cool card game (then proceeded to accidentally leave it at our apartment - score!) and we took them to Club Deluxe. I'm a big fan of all types of music really, but I particularly like live jazz. Great place, and good pizza - bonus. I took them over to Inner Sunset to all the usual places while Angelo had class. It went by fast, but so fun.

Lastly, I actually almost won two out of 5 weeks of fantasy football. I'm in 10th place out of 12..but its better than last!

Also, here's just a few things I found on the interwebs:
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Working on a collection for next year (pretty excited about this year though!)
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xo Ellie