Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick Update !

1. Forgot to post that we went to a Raiders game! Hello. So awesome.

2. I got a 4.5 on my GRE. Might not be great for all, but I'm stoked. I'm a horrible test taker and a 4.5 is better than average. I haven't done better than average on a standardized test ever. in. my. entire. life. So, I'll take it!

3. Angelo's fantastic brother, Daniel, came to visit. And his cousin Jason. Which was very cool - such a great time.

4. We are going to San Diego for Thanksgiving - so excited!

5. Tons of things planned for Halloween. Should be a good post once the festivities end. For now, here is our pumpkin and Gryf's Halloween Sweater - of course:

ta ta for now,