Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Let's just start with the fact that I love Halloween. Always have. It's just awesome. You get to wear costumes and be something different for a few days. Um, and parties ! This article gets it just right. Lucky for me, this year's festivities went basically a whole week. For the first weekend.. our friend's Josh and Kelly are famous for throwing a great Halloween party so we had to head that way. They live out in the hills of Fremont (East/South bay). Luckily, our wonderful friend Kara volunteered to be the designated driver. Especially since my costume pretty much required a martini. Angelo's good buddy from high school, Phil, was in town (Kelly's brother), so it was cool to catch up with him. He's on our fantasy league. I actually beat him one week...and he's a sport's writer. One of my prouder moments. My less than humble-ness bit me in the ass though now because it looks like the arch nemesis of fantasy on our team is going to win! Phil was our best chance to beat him, but now boyfriend is coming up in the ranks. Fingers crossed for him! I'm still just hoping to make it to the playoffs. Anyhow - after Josh and Kelly's shindig, we had some downtime before we were meeting up with another friend for a late night house party in the city. So, we got back to our apartment and heard the neighbors' music. So I got brave. Knocked on their garage door. They let us join their party! It was a girl named Natasha's birthday as well as for Halloween. Her friends were so nice, we played some beer pong and chatted with everyone. I met a girl actual pilot who was dressed as Amelia Earheart - great costume. Flying a plane must be so fun. Maybe I'll take a few lessons sometime. I only wish I'd have had my phone on me so we could all meet up again later. Around ten, we went  to the Mission to meet up with Sam for her co-worker's house party. That was crazy. If you've ever been lucky enough to go to the backside of someone's house in San Francisco, then you know - it's like a secret village of awesome: backyards/patios/different levels of stairs. We had our Fourth of July party using our building's backside (and our neighbor's apartment). It's pretty cool behind all the SF houses that share walls, but Sam's friends had actually taken the whole back area between like 6 houses and made it one huge Halloween party. They had a bar with $2 drinks (I didn't pay - shh), a DJ, a photo booth - just awesome. So, 3 parties - 1 night - ultimate craziness. 

                     What is it with tutu's and Halloween?                     Me, Kara, and Samantha

On actual Halloween I decided to dress up at work. Fortunately enough, a few others did as well! So we had a fun little photo party. The pink bunny is my co-worker, the rest are other people from our building. The gnome is by far my favorite. I'm not sure if I've ever gone full out costume at work, but being a 50's housewife was pretty easy to make work appropriate. Lose the martini and good to go!

I won't lie, I got lazy with my costume. I didn't feel like I had the funds this year and when I saw those shoes at Betty Page, I couldn't not buy them. So, I needed a reason :) There were a few people who recognized me as a Madmen type character, which was cool. Otherwise, pretty sure I looked like a regular person wearing a pretty old school outfit.
The evening of Halloween I switched up my costume knowing I was going out out and didn't want to mess up my pretty full skirt from my other costume. So, housewife became pin-up. Told you I was lazy. Regardless, we had a fantastic time! Some friends booked a hotel in the city since they live in the bay so we started out there for some photos, of course. We got tickets to this place called Public Works. It was cool to start the night, but overall pretty dead. My favorite favorite was when we walked to Double Dutch. Now that, is a fun place. Great music! It was packed through so we lost some people and some sunglasses and a lot of sweat. Still so fun!

I ended up getting home at 1:30 AM, but secretly switched my solo cup from a drink to water at about 11, so work the next morning was perfectly tolerable.

Friday night we took a drive out to Dublin to our friend Kara's party...with our favorite game and puppy in tow. If you remember, our friends accidentally left it at our apartment to our everlasting benefit! We had a great time just hanging out and getting competitive. Drinks and Cranium just don't mix with our people. But all is forgiven next day! 

Such an awesome holiday and a great year! I love boyfriend in that yellow jumpsuit, probably my highlight. That, and finding a nightclub in San Francisco that doesn't just play house or mash-ups (who came up with this ungodly idea anyway?).

Happy Halloween everyone!
Can't wait for next year; I think I might sew a Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas dress myself to wear. We'll see! (I even started a Halloween costume Pinterest board to start brainstorming)

xox Ellie