Friday, December 6, 2013

Fall into fun

I love the fall - not so much here though. San Francisco never changes. It just gets colder. There are a couple of maple trees on Golden Gate park. When I walk Gryffindor I'm always paying attention to how orange they get. The leaves started falling last week. Gryffindor likes to walk them lol which is mostly funny because he doesn't like to walk in anything other than carpet.
Our roommate's lova lady, Annie, came to visit, so we took a drive to Napa/Sonoma and had wine and food and some great car game time. Napa's beautiful and it was fun to see it in the fall with all the leaves changing and falling. It's a lush landscape - you can tell even after the grapes are harvested and the grass is dead. I picked up some Christmas presents and we checked out a lot of fun, vintage clothing. We just did two wine tasting spots; mostly cause I don't think any of us are real wine people. It's an experience, but I'll still take a perfected agave Tequila over the most vintage amazing wine ever.
Annie's an awesome chick and I'm really glad we're friends. It was cool to hang with her while she was visiting. She came to town earlier this year but I was so busy I hardly said hi to her before we were off somewhere. While she was here, we went on a run together and found a rose garden. It's nice to stop and smell the flowers. She just moved to Denver actually. Now, my best friend is moving to Colorado (not sure where yet) and another good friend (one of my very favorites) is moving back to the Denver area this month. I smell a Denver trip next year. I've been saving up Southwest points like crazy so if I'm lucky I can manage it for free!
After Napa, we decided to cross another item off our San Francisco bucket list and visit the Six Flags outside of Sacramento. The drive was quick - it's only about an hour and a half - the park is absolutely dead this time of year. I think we were there for about 3.5 hours and had already ridden every coaster plus two of them twice. Perfect! Being a roller coaster enthusiast, I can't leave San Francisco without hitting up the best in the area.

The cool and unexpected part is that it's also an aquarium! They have seals and penguins and two giant walruses. I pet the sting rays and we fed the sea lions. And all that was included in the park ticket price. I highly recommended it ! Just for record keeping purposes, my favorite coaster at this park was definitely the Superman. Although, very different from the Magic Mountain Superman, it's still awesome. I also liked the Medusa a lot, but those Superman's always have the element of surprise - can't beat it.

Another great part about the drive from Six Flags was going across the Golden Gate. Since I live in the city and work south (not north), I don't pass it much. It really deserves all the hype it gets. I could just be old school, but the new bay bridge just don't have shit on Golden Gate. Right when you come through the tunnel and see those pillars - its spectacular. 
Angelo had us stop at the Palace of Fine Arts on the way home. I have no idea why it's called that...since there's no art there. But, it's beautiful! And we were there right at sunset, so the building and water all had that warm glow. Pretty willow trees, ducks, swans, and tons of birds. 

For Thanksgiving we drove down to San Diego, of course. Man I love those people. Boyfriend has the most amazing family. I feel more grateful than I can even describe in words to be considered a part of their unit. I got in my first fight with Elaine (boyfriend's mom and my best friend in Diego). We just never fight because I'm always trying to keep drama out of her life (not add to it!) Things just got a little crazy with scheduling and me being selfish about spending more time in the car. It all worked out though - I'm still a bridesmaid for her wedding in June. Can't wait!! I'm also going to make the bouquets (you can't being real flowers onto the cruise ship (cruise wedding), so I'm going to make awesome fake bouquets with some sparkle and brooches). I hope she loves them.
Thanksgiving also happened to be these guys' 71st wedding anniversary. Boyfriend's great grandparents - or, nana and papa we all so dearly call them. Papa is still so spunky (and rude!) haha in the most adorable way. He loves Gryffindor too, so I'm pretty sure he was glad to see him. Nana forgets things, but it doesn't matter because she's still so happy. You can tell she appreciates what everyone does to help take care of her. She's so sweet and she always remembers me.
We also brought our friend Kara from San Francisco down with us. She's spending almost a month in her hometown for Christmas, so I guess she couldn't justify two trips. I think she felt welcome with us though :) And we got to introduce her to a bunch of great friends!! Especially the lovey Robyn and Rachel, and our funniest friend Lawrence. It was great too to see all of boyfriend's cousins. We stayed with Daniel, boyfriend's brother. He has the most classy, retro, chic apartment. It suits him well. I think we destroyed it a little with three people and a dog crashing over, but we helped get it back in order before we left.

This Holiday season is going to be different, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Much <3