Sunday, December 8, 2013


Well, my 3-4 (maybe) blog readers. I'm sad to say this is the beginning of a hiatus. Boyfriend and I will be taking off traveling for the rest of December/January, then our apartment lease is up 2 days after we get back. Sooo we'll be jumping around until we figure out what's next. Sometimes our sporadic, constantly moving lifestyle gets hectic and I have to work to keep my head on straight. But, I wouldn't change it for anything. What is life if not an adventure? 

I can't imagine an existence where you always know what's next and life is just a big plan full of responsibilities and commitments. That life will never be for me. Sometimes it makes for some non-traditional priorities and it creates negativity from the more grounded people in my life...
Regardless - at the end of the day, I really believe in that saying that life is what you make it.

I think back about my adult life (after college) and I just feel overwhelming pride. I hear friends say they don't know where time has gone and what have they done with the past 5 years? I'm extremely thankful to feel the opposite of those sentiments. I've done a lot with my humble beginnings and my relatively small support system (thanks mom! ha). 

I'm so excited for our trip and our Christmas abroad and all the beautiful things to see and taste and hear and just live. I made the little books pictured below. I tore out the relevant pages of Lonely Planet, grabbed a bunch of random paper and bits of water color paintings, created a cover page with all the important words in each language and tips for cost conversion, then bound it all together. This is my first big travel and I'm still such a tourist. I want to keep a little journal and try to use local language - all the good stuff. I'll post some photos of them when I get back (hopefully all covered in writing and messy!).

Here's a few updates:
- made it to the playoffs in my fantasy football league! Too bad I won't be here...haha
- been busy re-painting our apartment back to white - sad to see the navy blue go (so pretty)
- bought this adorable hat for our trip
- my last day at my job is next Wednesday!
- made a 2 page description of how to take care of little gryffie while I'm gone
- recently strengthened my LinkedIn profile based on online recommendations...kind of nerdy, but apparently it's solid gold for job hunting
- bought a teaching English abroad certification course
- bought the cutest outfit you've ever seen for my niece
- excited to plan an awesome 60th birthday for my dad

I think that's about it for now. I'll catch up next year!

Much love and Merry Christmas xoxox