Thursday, December 26, 2013


in Malaysia

1. Old Town White Coffee Mocha Freezy
2. Cheap AirAsia flights
3. The way they often write English with oddly tall letters (y fours and backwards 6's)
4. KL Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour
5. Samosas
6. Lime water
7. Spinning Christmas Eve dinner on the KL tower
8. New friends from South Korea and Singapore
9. Public Transportation
10. Street food
11. Larger than life skyscrapers
12. Best. Indian. Food. Ever. found at a sketchy looking food cafeteria stall on the corner after wandering the streets in the middle of the night
13. Worst bathroom I've ever been to in my life (spotted a guy leaving his shower on my way to the "toilet", quotes are due to the fact that a watery floor does not a toilet make)

View from the train platform