Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Travel Journal: Malaysia (KL quick notes, photos and a Merry Christmas)

Spinning Christmas dinner on the tower!
December 25th, 2013

"Top-a-tee"...yes, that is what he just called a tortilla. It's Christmas Day. I've had no time to write in KL. Way too busy seeing things. 2 days wasn't even close to enough here. I just love this city. It's cultured and interesting with so many different foods, religions, temples, mosques, jungle just a bus ride away, on the beach and so soo warm! It was too hot for boyfriend, of course. It was even a bit hot for me trekking around all day, but mostly comfortable.

Our hostel was very nice. We made a USA paper plate for their wall of random paper plates. The Indian food was just amazing. I love having European toilets. Last night we went out to Club Zouk. It was expensive at almost $40 USD per person, but it was Christmas Eve and a completely amazing night.

A Malaysian mall
with a Malaysian santa
no joke
We learned the city very quickly. The rail system is so easy and there's maps everywhere. It's much simpler than anywhere in the states. We had beers with a nice Italian man at a pizza restaurant that looked on to the tower. Everyone wears headscarves here - though not quite as much as Yogya. We bought sunglasses from a street vendor. The hostel had a friendly Indian lady. The reviews were a bit above the experience, but overall it was nice and clear. Multiple restrooms to use. At one point there was a baby running around with no apparent parent - that's a first for a hostel. Awesome bus tour with a stop at an orchid garden (I took a ridiculous amount of photos).

We got lost in the flowers and walked a huge circle one or three times...just like a couple of tourists that we are. We wanted to see the monkeys, but it was too expensive. Luckily, there were a few around the netting above the building. From a distance :)

I loved this building for some reason. Literally,
the most dilapidated thing I've ever seen.
Jalan Alor Street, Kuala Lumpur