Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Dance!

Tomorrow my momma (and my puppy) are coming to visit me in New York City !
...puppy will stay of course.

We got the keys to our apartment yesterday and we're going to stop by tonight after picking up a few things. It's going to be hard living in our apartment without all of our stuff (which is still in storage in SF until around the 19th of April...ouch). We already know we'll have to buy some basics. That's the only plus of living with the crazy lady - she had kitchen, bathroom, bedding, etc for us to use. Either way, we'll be glad to be shot of her.

I'm excited to see my mom. I love when we get to spend time together on our own. Especially in new places; she's a real trooper. We came to NYC our first time together. I remember it so well. Even from then I knew I wanted to be here. Riding trains, walking walking walking, and seeing so many big beautiful things everywhere. We ate at Tavern on the Green, went up the Empire State Building, rode the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, Madame Tussauds wax museum, Little Italy (before it went to shit), and Chinatown. This time we can explore things with no agenda. Seeing all the big stuff is sort of a relief. I want to go to the Whitney if she's into it and I still haven't been to Astoria so we'll see. Either way, I'll take lots of pictures. I'm excited to be in New York without a million things to do !


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Firm (capital "f")

I am an executive assistant. I'm not sure if most people know what that is. Sometimes they picture like a personal assistant, sometimes a whatever. It's all the same really. The only thing my title means is that I'm sort of the highest you can go in administrative work without moving into an actual department (like HR or payroll or something). I don't know how I ended up being this. I was just working in offices and now, here I am. In NYC, this is a popular job. There's like a bajillion companies here with a lot of executives who need assistants. Believe it or not, I ended up at a law firm. I had to choose between this and a commercial real estate developer. In the end, the other industry is way more my style - but with this job it's like I won some kind of administrative job lottery. I don't want to go too much into it just because it's the internet and all. But, suffice it to say: I'm happy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little lady no more

The nice lady I've been renting from isn't so nice anymore.  To be brief - cause I hate when my little blog turns into a rant space - she told me upon move in that 2 weeks to move out is sufficient. I convinced her (even though standard is 30 days), knowing my transitional situation. Plus, once the puppy and boyfriend show up - you know my little family will want our own space again.

Actually, never mind...EXCITEMENT induced interruption;; we got an apartment! It's small, definitely New York style. I can afford it all on my own. Boyfriend has been on the job hunt so we decided to keep it low cost our first year in the city. Especially, just in case he gets a great job somewhere else. Long distance relationships get expensive pretty fast. It feels good though. I'm not gonna lie...being able to be here, with my great new job and apartment - it feels like a goal reached. Like walking across at graduation. Except no congratulations money (hello!). It's a shame some life goals get parties and smiles and cards, while others get online "likes" and the yearly conversation of "I saw you did blah blah this year". Did I mention like every person I know is getting married or having a baby? Bleuugh. But, I guess that double standard is for another post, or a lovely episode of Sex in the City: "A Woman's Right to Shoes" for those who so unfortunately don't know what I'm referring to ;)