Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little lady no more

The nice lady I've been renting from isn't so nice anymore.  To be brief - cause I hate when my little blog turns into a rant space - she told me upon move in that 2 weeks to move out is sufficient. I convinced her (even though standard is 30 days), knowing my transitional situation. Plus, once the puppy and boyfriend show up - you know my little family will want our own space again.

Actually, never mind...EXCITEMENT induced interruption;; we got an apartment! It's small, definitely New York style. I can afford it all on my own. Boyfriend has been on the job hunt so we decided to keep it low cost our first year in the city. Especially, just in case he gets a great job somewhere else. Long distance relationships get expensive pretty fast. It feels good though. I'm not gonna lie...being able to be here, with my great new job and apartment - it feels like a goal reached. Like walking across at graduation. Except no congratulations money (hello!). It's a shame some life goals get parties and smiles and cards, while others get online "likes" and the yearly conversation of "I saw you did blah blah this year". Did I mention like every person I know is getting married or having a baby? Bleuugh. But, I guess that double standard is for another post, or a lovely episode of Sex in the City: "A Woman's Right to Shoes" for those who so unfortunately don't know what I'm referring to ;)

Back to the lameness. So, I told my roommate lady that Angelo and I would be moving out on the 1st and she said she wants to keep my deposit. I said "Woah. You said 2 weeks notice was fine". Her response? "That was before you had a job." Not. Joking. Who does that? Like my personal life has anything to do with her word. Moral of the story - get it in writing.

Our apartment is in Bed-Stuy. It used to be a pretty sketch neighborhood - so they tell me. And I mean, it's no Upper East Side today. But, I like it. There's lots of grocery stores (and a Mexican one!), shopping close by, a little flower market, and two different subway trains. At night, there's no randoms standing about looking suspicious, so that's always a plus. Wide sidewalks, good street lighting, and it seems like a lot of families live around. If the suburbs of central Brooklyn exist, pretty sure we found them. I guess it gets sketchy-er in one direction and much better in the other. But, I don't mind being on the cusp - my daily train walk is in the direction of better. 
The best part of the new place - by far - is the inside. It's small, but it has an L shaped kitchen with a little fold-up table for two bar stools, I think a bit more room for storage than our SF apartment, and a regular sized fridge. The bathroom has a regular sized tub with all new tile and stuff - it's really clean and simple. 
*I keep saying regular sized because so many apartments here have tiny versions of things. 
Then, we have two rooms with doors! So, our living room will be perfect for a guest room because it has it's own. We're going to pick out a nice sofa bed and I'll have my easels set up in the corner. I cannot wait to start painting with oils again. My year in SF without them wasn't bad, but I feel way overdue. 

My mom is visiting and bringing Gryffindor on the 28th. I miss him so. We are going to see a show called Newsies at my mom's request. It looks pretty neat so I'm excited. It's been awhile since I've seen anything on Broadway. 
With any luck the movers will show up on April 5th and things will finally start getting back to normal. I literally can't wait. Unfortunately, for the weekend my mom is here, we'll be back in suitcases going to the hotel. Hopefully the last suitcase I have to deal with until the wedding in June!
Bear with me and my crazy life. I'm really excited to start writing again.
Much love,