Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Firm (capital "f")

I am an executive assistant. I'm not sure if most people know what that is. Sometimes they picture like a personal assistant, sometimes a whatever. It's all the same really. The only thing my title means is that I'm sort of the highest you can go in administrative work without moving into an actual department (like HR or payroll or something). I don't know how I ended up being this. I was just working in offices and now, here I am. In NYC, this is a popular job. There's like a bajillion companies here with a lot of executives who need assistants. Believe it or not, I ended up at a law firm. I had to choose between this and a commercial real estate developer. In the end, the other industry is way more my style - but with this job it's like I won some kind of administrative job lottery. I don't want to go too much into it just because it's the internet and all. But, suffice it to say: I'm happy.

One of the coolest things is location- we are in the heart of the city. The address is Eleven Times Square. I love coming out of the subway every morning. This is a silly story - but back in Sapulpa, Oklahoma I felt that I was in some kind of suburban prison. When I finally turned 16, I immediately got a job in neighboring Tulsa...which felt huge at the time. When I left Sapulpa to drive to my job, I crossed this tiny bridge over the smallest and most dried up river you've ever seen. From it, you can see a pretty nice view of the Tulsa skyline. It's about 9 buildings, but in a mostly flat state - it's grander than you think. Anyhow, I crossed this bridge every time I left and it was always like I could finally breathe. I made a little wish for the day, took a deep breath and left everything behind me. It feels like such a long long way from there that I get to exit the subway station and look up to see the crossroads of the modern world. It's nothing short of truly and honestly awesome. I know other people from small towns who don't feel this excited. Like, you moved to a bigger place - no big deal. I always have a brief moment of "oh shit, am I naive and crazy to be this excited?" Then I realize - that worrying is just not me. I'm so excited and blessed and thankful and I'm really pleased to share it with people I care about and celebrate my new adventure.
I don't want to let anyone stifle my shine. I hope I don't ever. For now, I'm still riding high and loving life.

My lunch today. On my Kindle: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, of course (: