Thursday, April 24, 2014

Breaking dishes breakdown

Last night I started crying over something stupid. This move has finally caught up with me. Our apartment is overwhelming. Boyfriend's been in a bad mood because he really likes a clean space. He's the laid back one in the relationship lol if he's stressed, we're doomed.

He hung the shelf brackets (the long skinny ones that go flat against the wall). Then, I put the metal arms in the slots to hold up the wood. Well, of course, I thought it was in and filled the shelf with 4 coffee mugs that match our set, my favorite set of recycled plastic mixing bowls, and my favorite favorite favorite little bee measuring cups from World Market. Boom. All crashed down - the only thing left standing was one small mixing bowl. I just cried.

Saturday is my 28th birthday. I'm going to run across the Brooklyn Bridge first thing in the morning. It feels like a good way to start age 28. I want to get up, stay healthy, and see new things from interesting perspectives. Actually getting up after the week I've had will be interesting, but it means a lot to me so I think it'll happen.

Just a few things from the interwebs:

Helpful...and, funny.
Everyone in NYC is wearing these. Um, did I miss something? Not cute.
Understanding my beautiful new neighborhood.
Getting excited.
Loving this.

Vent, take a breath, it'll be so great when things are settled again.

xo Ellie

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York State of Happy

Well, I haven't documented my first months in New York City nearly as well as I hoped (not even a 3rd, really). What can I say? Moving is hard, and NYC is harder.

Our belongings are going to finally arrive in about 2 weeks. I have now lived 5 months without access to most of my things. It's odd what you miss.

Things I miss most when living out of a suitcase (no particular order):
1. Jewelry
-- 5 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace, and 3 bracelets...blah
2. Creature comforts
-- You realize how much you love a thick blanket, more than one place to sit/lay, and different types of pajama options.
3. Microwave
-- Enough said. Oh, how I long for you, dear handy friend. (and, popcorn)
4. Writing surface
-- When you're forced to live with doilies and place mats on everything - then go to no table at all, you never take advantage of a flat surface again.
5. Purse/tote/bag options
-- Lugging the same bag all over the city day after day regardless of it's contents.
6. Hair products
-- R.I.P. Aveda Style-Prep Smoother
7. Television
-- There, I said it. In the time of screens, screens, screens - having only small ones really bites.
8. Background DVD's/TV Series'
-- It's soooo nice to throw on Friends, Sex in the City, a classic like Pretty Woman, Ever After, My Fair Lady.
9. Music Player
-- iPhone speakers boooooo : (
10. Spices
-- Mrs. Dash does not every meal make.
11. Strainer, steamer, pot lids, chopping/paring knifes, cutting board, wisk, ....
-- Sigh.
12. Home
-- There's just nothing like feeling like you have a home.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Life Lately

 *Flowers on the streets of NY, Brooklyn Bridge, my momma, our apartment, first selfie in the city, and shoes for Elaine's wedding (can't wait till June!)