Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York State of Happy

Well, I haven't documented my first months in New York City nearly as well as I hoped (not even a 3rd, really). What can I say? Moving is hard, and NYC is harder.

Our belongings are going to finally arrive in about 2 weeks. I have now lived 5 months without access to most of my things. It's odd what you miss.

Things I miss most when living out of a suitcase (no particular order):
1. Jewelry
-- 5 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace, and 3 bracelets...blah
2. Creature comforts
-- You realize how much you love a thick blanket, more than one place to sit/lay, and different types of pajama options.
3. Microwave
-- Enough said. Oh, how I long for you, dear handy friend. (and, popcorn)
4. Writing surface
-- When you're forced to live with doilies and place mats on everything - then go to no table at all, you never take advantage of a flat surface again.
5. Purse/tote/bag options
-- Lugging the same bag all over the city day after day regardless of it's contents.
6. Hair products
-- R.I.P. Aveda Style-Prep Smoother
7. Television
-- There, I said it. In the time of screens, screens, screens - having only small ones really bites.
8. Background DVD's/TV Series'
-- It's soooo nice to throw on Friends, Sex in the City, a classic like Pretty Woman, Ever After, My Fair Lady.
9. Music Player
-- iPhone speakers boooooo : (
10. Spices
-- Mrs. Dash does not every meal make.
11. Strainer, steamer, pot lids, chopping/paring knifes, cutting board, wisk, ....
-- Sigh.
12. Home
-- There's just nothing like feeling like you have a home.

I've moved a lot by most people's standards, I think. A few places as a kid, few places around Tulsa, to Colorado, two places there, to Cali, two places in SD, SF, and now NY. New York is so much more difficult. Harder to coordinate because everywhere else I just drove my stuff over, harder to set-up because I can't make a quick run to Lowe's or pick up used furniture I found online, harder because of weather, and harder because I can't receive packages at work then just lug them to the car. A vehicle makes these things so much simpler. Not that I'm complaining - even in the slightest. I still have a moment of happiness every morning leaving my front door knowing I don't have to drive anywhere.

I'll always remember my first place in NY. Crazy lady in Brooklyn. It's a long story, but suffice it to say: she accused me of being a bad mom to my dog. That would take anyone over the edge.

I'll remember the week I was traveling back and forth from D.C. via bus or heel broke on the street, my purse handle tore 30 minutes before an interview, and I walked around in a foot of sludge-y half-melting ice water for a whole day in suede pointy-toe pumps. I definitely remember my first pair of thermal pantyhoes (thank you thank you to that person). I used a bank ATM area to put on my make-up because I couldn't find a public restroom in the financial district. I woke up at 4 AM and got back after 11 PM after walking around literally all day.

I'll remember lugging suitcases (3 or 4 times) during this transition across the hazardous terrain of Brooklyn. One time muscling a 70 pounder up and down subway stairs in and out and in and out while my mom kept watch. Oh, the things she does in the name of my wanderlust. Why doesn't the ghost train get elevators?

I'll remember the HR lady that loves Broadway, the barista that gave me her Tide quick stain wipey, the first band in the subway tunnel, the worst smelling live person that could possibly exist, the fish sandwich in midtown, the last few days of Bryant Park's Christmas lights, and the Holiday Inn near Park Avenue that only started figuring out I wasn't actually a guest when they found me doing a phone interview in the stairwell...that's after 3 days of free internet use in the lobby, by the way.

I'll remember the Lil Rocco's pizza man that let me use his outlet and drink Pepsi for 4.5 hours, the Russian who always gave me a free truffle at the corner store, meeting my Ludivico cousin for the first time, and all the NY Cheesecake I ate.

I will also remember how it felt to get to our apartment for the first time when it was ours, only to find a gaping hole in the ceiling where a leak had run through...and no heat. That hole is still there (ha) but they are "working on it". And definitely when Angelo came to New York to be with me, finally. I was so happy to see my mom and puppy at LaGuardia. I would have been pleased to sit with little Gryf in my lap in the median and chat for hours, too bad it was cold (of course) and we had two suitcases to get home.

Photo: Look what apartments in Brooklyn come with... Free with Move-in, already chilled haha...
Oh, and a week after we'd been living at our apartment Angelo discovered the veggie drawer in the fridge was full of beer.

The most important thing I know I'll remember is just how good it feels (even now) to be here. If you haven't had that feeling in life yet, the one where you've really made it, I so hope you do. That's what it's about. If you have dreams, the rest is just easy. Find people with similar dreams, find a path that gets you there, stay positive, and work hard.

California, and now New York City. Whew, where can't I go?