Friday, May 30, 2014

Ah, Friday.

Maya circa 1950's

“I don't trust people who don't love themselves ... There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.” 

Just a few things...
If there were more people thinking like him, marriage may just mean something.
I like where my brain is going with this.
To buy, or not to buy.
Yes please.
These words are not even shocking. That's the scary part.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Long days in NYC

Morning to night here is quite the adventure. But, I love it. We've been doing so much I don't know how to keep up. And all the stories I want to share from earlier this year and Asia. I need to focus!

For now, I'll just say that things are wonderful. Boyfriend has a brand new job - in Manhattan, working for a company that does good in the world, where he is important and people count on the work he's doing. I know he'll love it.

Last week, I met and hung out with new friends from Finland and Russia. It was fun to be out and about in the city. I'm excited for visitors so I can re-do all the tourist-y stuff. It's been years and who doesn't love Lady Liberty? Although, I'm getting to the point where I could easily do without Times Square. I was warned that would happen and so it has.

We are attending a concert and gala on behalf of my company next week. It's expensive and seems very New York. I feel like I stepped out of Sex in the City. I only wish I could afford a new dress for the occasion. Ah well. New York has a price (and it's a lot).

Friday, May 9, 2014

Home is where... the paints are stored. (Flashback)

So glad it's Friday...
This week has been tough. I think the air mattress is finally getting to me. We bought a new bed on Wednesday. As of the 17th - I will feel like an adult again. Our apartment is almost done. I'm really looking forward to posting some photos. I wish I had pictures of all the places I've lived - I would have loved to see how I evolved from my first apartment to now. Even from SF, I don't have photos of any rooms besides the living room. Ah well :)

Here's our place in San Francisco:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately

*The stuff arrives!, after spending a month in Tulsa with 3 cats - Gryf greets them with subtle surprise now (he used to immediately chase them as far as possible), tired of unpacking, stained glass at Flushing Ave. in Brooklyn, Lauren and brother on Easter, Brooklyn Brewery, the ocean at Times Square, and back to his old window tricks ;)


Saturday, May 3, 2014


3 is the triad of the universe. It is past-present-future, body-soul-spirit, thought-action-consequence. You don't see the past, get to the consequence and begin to understand a person's spirit until after time gives you glasses. Most religions have a trinity...Christian, Hindu, Buddhism, Norse. Even subconsciously - I don't paint in even numbers. 3 strikes, 3 pointer, the ultimate of things.

Even the written number itself with three points and two hooped lows. It just looks like a journey to me.

Boyfriend and I have now been together for 3 whole years.
The 1st year is newness, discovery. The 2nd understanding, trust. And the 3rd stability, growth. I can't wait to see what 4 will bring. I think we're testing our nerve and using each other in bravery...that's exciting to me.

These days, to share love and find strength and happiness in each other for that long is so so valuable.
Like a talisman, time is our only trophy. And we don't have a mortgage to share or a child that connects us, not even a signed piece of paper and family blessings encase the backbone of our relationship. We simply choose to stay and to be patient and compassionate. Choose to share the ups and downs and to be selfless in our decisions. There is nothing immature here. Nothing lazy. Most important to me, there is nothing empty. There is no longing in our home. There is no "hard work" and struggle. He just makes me happy every day, so simple.

His slight scoff at my clumsiness or inability to find things, followed inevitably by a smile and helpful gesture. His comforting cotton t-shirts, that smell like herbs and dewy rain forest. Shiny soft hair, baby feet, and voice that just gets louder. Wide eyes and scruffy face. He sees things I miss and he tells stories that make me feel like I was there. He always takes care of me. I never worry he just won't be where he says he'll be and I never worry he'll keep me in the dark.

I don't know how I'm so lucky. But I do know I'll always take one more day, no matter what the future holds.

3 years of adventure, peaceful bliss, and unwavering support. It's wonderful to be so happy.

Plus, look at that handsome face :*


Friday, May 2, 2014

Beer has dispelled the illness which was in me.

Last weekend, boyfriend and I had a great time wandering around doing nothing in hipster-town U.S.A., also known as Williamsburg. We found some awesome brooches at a cool antique stall warehouse for the bouquets I'm making for Elaine's wedding in June...ended up getting pretty toasted on Easter brunch specials, had yummy ice cream from a truck, found a cool cheese shop, and ate free pizza! 
But, it all started out with a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery.

I feel like at this point we are brewery connoisseurs. This one was very Brooklyn and I like that. Rustic style, basic names for the brews, plastic cups, and wooden chips for payment (like arcade tokens). We didn't take the tour, but we did check out their little (creepy) food-based art exhibit and played souped-up pong on the big arcade machine.

The quote in hieroglyphs was pretty awesome.

We had a whole conversation about why hipsters put such a bad taste in our mouths. And we figured it out! Because we pretty much are hipsters...
Haha it's never good when you are who you are and someone tries to put you in a box without your approval. All I know is: I've been wearing loose sweaters, blazers, and thick glasses since way before it was cool. And the boyfriend - well, he's had that haircut since elementary school.

Here's a few things I came across on the internet:
Some lovely reflective photos.
To buy or not to buy.
Going to try these at some point.
An amazing collage artist.
Can I do it?
It's all based in fear.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

28 years of memories

I turned 28 on Saturday. Two more years until 30. Then I won't be a "twenty-something" anymore. It's okay though. Besides the lines slowly sinking further into my doomed pale skin and the few pounds that aren't nearly as easy to work off these days, I wouldn't even notice the difference. And anyway, it's nice to be a woman...not so much a girl anymore. I feel like I've grown into my body in a way that I wouldn't have understood in my early twenties. I've learned now to love my thighs that touch and calf muscles that refuse to let me wear slim pants without bunching at my knees. I don't mind my forehead or eyes that slightly droop. Imperfections I used to despise and scheme about camouflaging, now I feel are just part of what makes me different. What makes you different, makes you special. Special, to all the people that love you. It's like one day you wake up, and that's just...enough. Enough now to feel content. I've also really started to appreciate the people in my life. Especially those that take time out for me. Time is so so precious. If you have people who not only remember something like your birthday, but take the time to actually call or send a card...that's just really lovely. Those are the people I feel so ultimately blessed to know. And lucky for me, many of them are friends. Friends I choose to call family...that I picked out, and I just love them all so much.

Boyfriend made me a badass cake, among other celebratory things which I'll share later. My menu needs its own post. 

Here is 28 years of my life from what I remember right here and now
1. I loved to walk in my walker...all the time. And I always slept whenever I was supposed to. Unfortunately, that's probably part of the reason I always sleep now when I'm not supposed to. I was born blonde and I had an awesome bath towel with a hood that looked like a bear.
2. My dad used to squeeze me between his legs. I swear I remember this. They say I can't, but what do they know? I had a teddy bear he gave me. I still have it and it smells like Oregon. They put me in one-piece big poofy suits in the winter.
3. I threw tantrums. Like, rockstar tantrums. But I loved my mother. She was always strong for me and I remember being able to tell when my dad wasn't there anymore. I can hear her say my name a certain way and I remember deciding that was a good time to be quiet.
4. I loved tea sets. I had a day bed with brass bars just like Molly Brown's. I got stung by a lot of wasps once when I tried to pump water out of an old well. I remember feeling the welt on the back of my neck. It often bothered me when my shoes got too small, so I was barefoot most of the time. I always knew my feet would turn out calloused and dry like my mom's - it's okay though, who needs pretty feet when you can walk through rocks.
5. I was very independent. I wanted to dress myself, and sadly enough - my mom let me. I am now haunted by dorky photographs of my childhood self. I liked books and I felt really proud when I remembered how to say big words. (I still do.)