Saturday, May 3, 2014


3 is the triad of the universe. It is past-present-future, body-soul-spirit, thought-action-consequence. You don't see the past, get to the consequence and begin to understand a person's spirit until after time gives you glasses. Most religions have a trinity...Christian, Hindu, Buddhism, Norse. Even subconsciously - I don't paint in even numbers. 3 strikes, 3 pointer, the ultimate of things.

Even the written number itself with three points and two hooped lows. It just looks like a journey to me.

Boyfriend and I have now been together for 3 whole years.
The 1st year is newness, discovery. The 2nd understanding, trust. And the 3rd stability, growth. I can't wait to see what 4 will bring. I think we're testing our nerve and using each other in bravery...that's exciting to me.

These days, to share love and find strength and happiness in each other for that long is so so valuable.
Like a talisman, time is our only trophy. And we don't have a mortgage to share or a child that connects us, not even a signed piece of paper and family blessings encase the backbone of our relationship. We simply choose to stay and to be patient and compassionate. Choose to share the ups and downs and to be selfless in our decisions. There is nothing immature here. Nothing lazy. Most important to me, there is nothing empty. There is no longing in our home. There is no "hard work" and struggle. He just makes me happy every day, so simple.

His slight scoff at my clumsiness or inability to find things, followed inevitably by a smile and helpful gesture. His comforting cotton t-shirts, that smell like herbs and dewy rain forest. Shiny soft hair, baby feet, and voice that just gets louder. Wide eyes and scruffy face. He sees things I miss and he tells stories that make me feel like I was there. He always takes care of me. I never worry he just won't be where he says he'll be and I never worry he'll keep me in the dark.

I don't know how I'm so lucky. But I do know I'll always take one more day, no matter what the future holds.

3 years of adventure, peaceful bliss, and unwavering support. It's wonderful to be so happy.

Plus, look at that handsome face :*