Friday, May 2, 2014

Beer has dispelled the illness which was in me.

Last weekend, boyfriend and I had a great time wandering around doing nothing in hipster-town U.S.A., also known as Williamsburg. We found some awesome brooches at a cool antique stall warehouse for the bouquets I'm making for Elaine's wedding in June...ended up getting pretty toasted on Easter brunch specials, had yummy ice cream from a truck, found a cool cheese shop, and ate free pizza! 
But, it all started out with a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery.

I feel like at this point we are brewery connoisseurs. This one was very Brooklyn and I like that. Rustic style, basic names for the brews, plastic cups, and wooden chips for payment (like arcade tokens). We didn't take the tour, but we did check out their little (creepy) food-based art exhibit and played souped-up pong on the big arcade machine.

The quote in hieroglyphs was pretty awesome.

We had a whole conversation about why hipsters put such a bad taste in our mouths. And we figured it out! Because we pretty much are hipsters...
Haha it's never good when you are who you are and someone tries to put you in a box without your approval. All I know is: I've been wearing loose sweaters, blazers, and thick glasses since way before it was cool. And the boyfriend - well, he's had that haircut since elementary school.

Here's a few things I came across on the internet:
Some lovely reflective photos.
To buy or not to buy.
Going to try these at some point.
An amazing collage artist.
Can I do it?
It's all based in fear.