Friday, May 9, 2014

Home is where... the paints are stored. (Flashback)

So glad it's Friday...
This week has been tough. I think the air mattress is finally getting to me. We bought a new bed on Wednesday. As of the 17th - I will feel like an adult again. Our apartment is almost done. I'm really looking forward to posting some photos. I wish I had pictures of all the places I've lived - I would have loved to see how I evolved from my first apartment to now. Even from SF, I don't have photos of any rooms besides the living room. Ah well :)

Here's our place in San Francisco:

*That spread on the table is what boyfriend had waiting for us when my mom and I drove up with the Uhaul. She helped me move to SF from Denver. Beforehand, I was living in San Diego while renting my house. Most of my stuff was still in Denver during that year and a half. The drive through Utah in winter was eerie. Donner pass is just as scary as it seems. And my mom is a great road tripper.

Some good news: 
1. I found all my Asia journals last week. I'm going to start blogging based off of them soon. I can't wait to relive the trip!
2. The tiniest painting studio on earth is now good to go in my 7 x 13 foot living room (yeah, you read that correctly).
3. Gryffindor has these now and can trot around the rainy streets of New York with dry, fuzzy feet. Meaning, as soon as mom pulls them off he's able to run around the cowhide rug. (Rather than sit in the bathroom till his fur dries.)
4. I'm excited to pick a place for a weekend getaway (by train) for boyfriend and I's anniversary. Philly, Boston, the Hamptons, the choices are endless!
5. I started making Elaine's brooch bouquets for her cruise wedding in June. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Lastly, just a few Friday finds...

Maybe I could do something like this or this coming up.
She even included Tulsa, how sweet.
I can have please?
If only I could tan.
Oh, the questions we ask.

Have a relaxing weekend world!
xo, Ellie