Thursday, May 29, 2014

Long days in NYC

Morning to night here is quite the adventure. But, I love it. We've been doing so much I don't know how to keep up. And all the stories I want to share from earlier this year and Asia. I need to focus!

For now, I'll just say that things are wonderful. Boyfriend has a brand new job - in Manhattan, working for a company that does good in the world, where he is important and people count on the work he's doing. I know he'll love it.

Last week, I met and hung out with new friends from Finland and Russia. It was fun to be out and about in the city. I'm excited for visitors so I can re-do all the tourist-y stuff. It's been years and who doesn't love Lady Liberty? Although, I'm getting to the point where I could easily do without Times Square. I was warned that would happen and so it has.

We are attending a concert and gala on behalf of my company next week. It's expensive and seems very New York. I feel like I stepped out of Sex in the City. I only wish I could afford a new dress for the occasion. Ah well. New York has a price (and it's a lot).

Tonight I'm going to a New York book signing. And, it's my first time in the Bronx. I'm going to listen to the author of Eat, Pray, Love speak. They are serving all drinks from the Drunken Botanist. It would have been great to have a girlfriend to come with. Maybe I'll make some new friends? You gotta just go anyway. I learned that lesson in my early twenties.

I finished Elaine's bouquet. I was so relieved to learn she loves it. She'll be beautiful down the aisle next month. I'm so happy to contribute to that moment in her life. She's an extremely special person. AND, It'll be great to get out of the city for a week! All the hustle, it's tiring. Boyfriend's cousin is coming from SD to watch Gryffie and spend some time in NY. I'm really glad someone will be at our place. She'll take good care of things.

Boyfriend and I planted some lemon seeds in our kitchen. We didn't think they were going to grow since it's been weeks and weeks. But, I kept watering them. And what to do you know! 4 little buds showed up this morning. I love them so much already. I just love watching things grow.
*Please let me take this moment to clarify - I love watching things grow that don't scream and have poopsplosions (as my friend Lauren calls them). Yuck.

Maya Angelou passed away. The moment I learned of it was sad, but I really appreciate all the wonderful interviews and broadcasts NPR has been sharing over the past couple of days. She was a beautiful soul who chose to share herself with the world in the most intimate way. Her stories are inspiring to all people - men and women alike. But, especially to women who are singled out, dare to be different, or are different without choice. Yet, thrive. You should never, ever let anyone stifle your shine. Maya taught us that. For me, its writers like her that inspire me to keep this public diary and throw some words out there. Maybe someone is reading or maybe I'll just enjoy the memories sometime later. Either way, it's bravery I could never show had it not been for legends like Maya paving that road. I love her deep, sing-song voice and I could listen to her speak about life for hours (and I have been...while typing away at my desk on the 25th floor, or walking, or riding the train). I know I'll be mournful when the news stops that coverage.

Speaking of news, the horrific murder of more students in Santa Barbara over the weekend sparked an online response to misogyny which I would not have expected. That ill boy's manifesto shouted nation-wide something American culture has been hushing up for decades. I'm so glad the conversation started. I just hope it doesn't result in more hashtag activism and action-less claims. Society needs to bring down this hate with the same uproar they are currently treating bullying and gay marriage. Women deserve that status. Like this fantastic gentleman puts it, it's not just a women's issue - it's an everyone issue. And, should be treated as such. My boyfriend shared that video on social network today and I was just unspeakably proud. I'm so thankful to have a good man in my life - one who is not discouraged by social norms or quieted by fear of peer pressure. He would never laugh off a woman being uncomfortable or not act against violence. And, he constantly surrounds himself with the best kind of people. My ability to join that group is one thing I will forever be proud of.

I've made it my goal this summer to find every free event in New York. I don't want to waste time here due to money problems. One fantastic thing is Shakespeare in the Park - a well-known, completely free event that is supposed to be beyond fun. It's really difficult to get tickets while working...since you just have to stand in line at noon the day of the show. But, I will get us tickets. I think I can, I think I can...
We are also planning Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island for the Fourth of July. Now, that's sure to be awesome.

That's all for now.
xo Ellie