Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cali, Cruise, and my best friend's wedding

Did I mention boyfriend's momma (e.g. my best Cali friend) got married? I think it's been in here a few times. Well, I'm finally getting around to the photos and memories of that awesome trip. She got married on a cruise ship - hello, awesome. I'd never been on one. They are like a true vacation. You can't really travel on a cruise ship. You're bound to relax. Literally. So, I just hung out...with awesome people...for 4 whole days and nights. Plus, an awesome weekend in Diego before and an awesome weekend in Diego after.

I decided pretty spur of the moment to make a little bachelorette party, which turned out awesome. I did a quick little crossword puzzle in Excel and a newlywed game (with the groom's help). Then got lucky on the venue. They gave us free champagne and it turned out to be pretty perfect for the crowd. We had women of all ages. It was a bar on top and club in the basement. Later in the night, Elaine got a some dancing done. With her mom too, which was perfect. Afterward we had late dinner/early breakfast at a cool diner. I'm really glad I pulled it together. Especially because the "partying" on the cruise ship was a lot less than I expected. There was an overwhelming amount of 18-22 year olds and a not-so-good DJ in the only real dance club on board. Since when did I get so old that 18-22 seems ridiculously young?? They look so young to me! It's strange. 22 and 28 are just so different. Anyway I think the cruise party would be better on a bigger ship with more options. I'm really glad Elaine got to wear her cool little bride crown and feel all special for the night.

We took a party bus up to Long Beach - so freaking fun. I got to be DJ. Which, if you know me, you know how stoked I was. I love being the DJ! Music can make such a difference to how much fun everyone is having. We had such a great crowd mixed with boyfriend's family, the groom's family, and a couple of stragglers from mine - my two moms of course. Leave it to my boyfriend to get his dance on. He's so fun :)  And there's the happy couple's entrance!

Love this guy
Here is the wedding, courtesy of our friend Kraig for taking photos with my phone:

My favorite photo. You should have seen the serious look on Floyd's face when he told gramps he'd take care of her. One of the sweetest things I've seen in my life. I sniveled...of course. No one tells you that's the worst thing about being in the wedding, everyone can see you cry like a baby.

That's love.

The kiss!

I love Vivi sneaking in there with her glasses! Every morning we ate breakfast together. It was perfect to catch up with everyone and see what their plans were.

We went to some wineries at Ensenada, but I didn't get any photos. The wine was great! Some really interesting flavors.  Mostly I just liked spending the day together. 

The last meal they did a funny performance in the dining room. Once we were back in San Diego, we all prepped for the big reception. Everything was so nice! And the bride and groom had a great time. We danced, and ate, and drank, and talked. It got to see some San Diego friends, including Robyn, who's one of my favorite people. She's always so sweet and fun. And of course, I hung out with my mom and Sonnie. Overall, cruises are really fun. I'd like to remember not to go anywhere I really really want to see travel-wise - because you don't get a lot of time on land. But it makes for such a cheap, awesome vacation. I'll be going again for sure!
Here's the bride with me and my mom. Pretty pretty ladies.

I'm so glad Elaine wanted me to be a part of her and her hubby's big day. I love her so much. You only have the opportunity to meet a few truly genuine, good, strong, caring people. She's one of them. We clicked right away and I've always been thankful she's in my life. She's going through a tough time this week. I wish I could be in San Diego to be actually there for her, but she knows I'm there in spirit. Love you girl - keep your head up.

xo, Ellie