Sunday, July 13, 2014

Woah woah woah

Where is time going?

My poor little blog.

Oh, summer in New York. It's hot, and busy. There's more fun things to do that I can keep up with.

I recently went to the west coast for one my best friends' wedding. As a bridesmaid, albeit one that lives on the other side of the country, one of my tasks was to make the brooch bouquets for the wedding. She was married on a cruise ship, so she couldn't have real flowers. I made 1 large Bride's bouquet, 5 smaller Bridesmaid's bouquets, and 1 brooch-free one for her to throw. Here's the finished product!


They were really fun to make :) I also wanted to share some photos from the famous Manhattenhenge. It's been on my life list for years, and I actually got to witness 3 of them this year. Two in May and another just last Friday. Here's some of the best shots!

From May:

From July:

Most people were disappointed by the cloudy sky for the May henge, but I think it was more beautiful. Such an amazing thing to see from the center of the island. The photos I took really don't do it justice. But this gentleman collected some that are outstanding.

And here's just a few things from the net :))
A beautiful message.
This with a colored sash.
Soon, very soon :)