Sunday, December 22, 2013

Legion Beach, Bali and just a little more rain...

December 22nd, 2013

Just laying on a beach bed in Bali. It's amazing we've been in Indonesia for just one week. Surreal. Traveling sometimes goes so quickly. Ah, but it so extends your lifetime as a whole.

We just stopped at a tourist-y restaurant in Legion beach because the rain was as much like a monsoon as I've ever experienced. In Yogya, we got big drops, often. Here it comes in sheets, from all angles. The food wasn't awesome, but we did try shark fin soup (a big local thing). Boyfriend is surfing now. We had a bit of a squabble about what I should do since there's nowhere dry to hang out. Silly me. This umbrella is just perfect after all. He's so handsome surfing. There's a few people out. It's nice to be able to spot him so easily. In Cali, there's so many bad eye sight makes it impossible. People keep walking up and offering me bracelets, drinks, pins, souvenirs, more or bigger umbrellas. The restroom is expensive. I went in the water. I wish I had a simple set of watercolors. Pen drawings could never do Bali justice.

Earlier we found more fried chicken. So yummy. I don't know if its the natural-ness or fresh-ness or what, but the chicken here tastes nothing like the chicken in the states. It's juicy and sweet. I think we'll get some more later. I'm excited for Malaysia, but I think you could easily spend months in Indonesia.

December 23rd, 2013

We're flying out now, headed to KL. Had a troubling morning...the hostel couldn't find us a taxi (crazy, I know). So, we had to walk in the pouring rain with all our stuff. Then the airport was just insane. No signs, no directions...just ages and ages of aimless walking around and up ramps and levels and closed doors and tunnels until finally we found the gate. Then, we had to pay a $30 USD "airport fee"....paying just to put up with that madness. Lucky us :)

Doesn't change my love of Indonesia. I love Java. Bali was fun, but all we did was Kuta. Any traveler would scold us. It would be an amazing summer vacation to go back with more time to see Ubud. I love Balinese culture and it would be great to see and learn more next time. I can't wait to Google the offerings when I get home.

- Air Asia Flight, Window Seat 17A, 6:15AM (time for bed)