Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Jazz Age, The Blue Note, & The Shining.

Summer is going by so quickly. This New York winter is gonna be a tough one - I already know. In May I was looking up things to do and discovered the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governor's Island. Luckily, our two new friends wanted to go as well! We had picnic plans and decided to dress up. It was such a great day. Everyone looked amazing all decked out in Jazz Age gear. Our friend even brought props for our blanket! We had a blast taking photos. Next year I'll know to get there earlier. We only had time to dance for one song. It was a lot of fun just chatting with our new friends and snacking. They had old cars, fashion stalls, themed food and drinks, vintage photo set-ups, and a gigantic wooden dance floor.

I met a new friend in Peru (post to come, I promise) named Bardia. Very cool guy - Iranian, grew up in Vancouver, and now lives in Tokyo. That's like his slogan haha anyway he said he was visiting New York and I offered to let him crash with us. It's nice to carry on the traveler tradition. It saves so much money to stay with friends, especially in the U.S. - land of no hostels. Anyway he wanted to hang with us, so he got tickets too! He also got tickets for the Jazz brunch boyfriend and I had planned the next day.

Blue Note was very cool. Good venue for music. The band was truly awesome. Best guitarist I've ever seen play that close - for sure. My favorite was the bass player. He had a solo! So cool. The food was dreadful though. My advice - go only for drinks. I just wasn't hungry enough for the pile of mush they were calling hashbrowns. Don't worry about me though, we got Mister Softee afterwards ;)

Then last night we caught the last movie in the park at Bryant Park. Thank goodness for our new friend Payton! He was able to go early and save a spot. It was basically like an entire park slumber party. Blanket to blanket - stretched out watching the movie. So fun. And you can bring beer! Thanks New York haha I forgot how funny that movie is. I was cracking up at all the parts that are supposed to be scary.

Jack Nicholson is classic. Here's Johnny! So awesome.

I'm looking forward to some needed rest this weekend. All of September is looking crazy. People are visiting every week! Good thing all those people are really great. I can't wait to see my dad and have breakfast at Tiffany's with Megan.

xox E