Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our New York City Apartment

I'm sad to think I have no photos of most of the places I've lived. I always wish I did. It helps spark all the great memories in that space. So, new tradition! I will have photos.

Without further ado, may I present our first apartment in NYC ;)

The L that is our life. We have a VERY small apartment. The living room especially. This is the view as you walk in our front door. Boyfriend built/hung all the shelves you see here except the white ones to the left of the fridge. Thank goodness for his carpentry skills or we'd have so many storage problems. I am by far most proud of the little blue box drawers on the end of the cabinet.

Originally, the cabinet just stopped at the end of the door hinges (top and bottom). But, we needed all the space we could muster, so boyfriend built those corner shelves and I found the blue drawers on Etsy. They were originally army storage in the 1960's. Some wonderful person collects these things to distribute to the select few people (me) who find wonder in all things old.

I love displaying my steel headphones (above the bathroom door). I haven't had them up since college, but boyfriend really likes them. I created and welded them myself, which I'm prett-y proud of.

We cook a lot (especially a lot by NYC standards), so what saves us is the little rack to the left of the fridge and the table that folds out. We can roll out the cart for extra chopping space or to set things when they're done. We use the fold out table for the waffle maker/griddle/toaster (since there's a plug near the fridge), as well as to eat on.

I've had to put my shelf designing skills to use here. Pretty much everything is open in our apartment, so I do my best to make it look nice. One of my very first boyfriends made that print: "Real artists don't starve" with a piece of pie. We "dated" at about age 10 or so during summer camp haha :) He sent me a little hemp necklace that I wore around all proud for several months. Then we ended up going to college together! It's really fun to know him as an adult as well. The print to the left of the Morton salt girl was made by another good friend from college. She's so talented! Every time I see it I think of all the shenanigans we used to get into together - her and our other 2 friends. We had an awesome little group of 4 junior and senior year.

Our bedroom is like a sanctuary. It's the most spacious room in the apartment. Full clearance to walk around the bed! I so love that. I wish we didn't have the clunky air conditioner - but it's really necessary here. You can't see our teeny tiny patio/fire escape out of the window to the right. It's hardly worth mentioning except that boyfriend keeps a little grill right there. He quite literally grills out the window.

I've taken this mirror all over the country! I bought it from a warehouse store in Denver - took it home and painted it blue. Then, in San Francisco we painted it tan to match our fireplace. Now, we decided construction cone orange was the way to go.

He installed all these shelves too. They line that whole wall. We definitely need them! The bar serves as extra closet, but also a drying rack after laundry day. Above the bedroom door is our biggest storage space so that's where we keep snowboarding stuff, our helmets, basketball, football, baseball gloves, tennis rackets, and my kite :) I'd like to hang a curtain over the closet, but haven't gotten around too it yet. Boyfriend's dad brought him that rug from Iraq during one of his tours. We really love it.
I got that cowhide rug in Lake Tahoe. It's beautiful and so practical.

Our living room is really really small. You can't tell so much from the photos, but it's narrow. The sofa folds into a bed, which has gotten a lot of use lately! I paid a little more than I probably should have for those chevron ottomans. I love the look though, so I don't regret it. I think I'd have preferred a different curtain color than brown. But, I already had these from my house in Denver. I Craigslist-ed them from a random family who was moving. They are high quality (lined) and still in great condition. The sofa we got on Amazon (yeah, I know). We were really poor when we first moved and it was the best we could do. Needless to say, we already want a new one. Hopefully soon!

Our bathroom is small, but good enough. Boyfriend bought me a couple of things from my Pinterest wishlist. First, this fabulous sign indicating the entrance to the Ministry of Magic. It's the highlight of the apartment. And also a heat styling tool holder than hangs on the sink. I love that holder. It makes doing my hair so so so much easier. I hung curtains to flank the tub. I think it gives the bathroom some interest, and showcases the high ceiling. Overall, there's not a lot going on in there. I'm such a big fan of white, white, white in bathrooms.

I pretty much love everything about this tiny space. I'm excited to look back on it one day. I've always wanted to live in NYC. I'm so happy to be here and in this perfect apartment for me and my loves.
With love, E