Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Always Sunny

This last weekend we took a bus to Philly. We've been trying to plan more trips to get out of the city, but it's a challenge without our own vehicle. I hadn't heard the best things about Philly in general, but we LOVED it! So much history! It's very walk-able, local vibes, American, and great cheese steaks, of course. Plus the east coast is just beautiful right now. I love when the leaves change. Living in Cali the last few years, I really missed the seasons. Needless to say, Philadelphia has a lot more trees to enjoy than New York City (at least in the BK hood and Times Square anyway).

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nous Poetikos: a little heart to heart

You know how some people say "everything happens for a reason"? I've been giving that a lot of thought recently. I'm facing a struggle at the moment, not one that people can see...not even one I'm allowed to share. I'm left here to figure it out on my own, as I usually am. INFJ, introvert, call it what you may, I'm a rare breed of independent. Every time I'm in a predicament such as this, I get really philosophical. It's my personal way of getting into the issue, ripping it apart...this way, eventually, I'll find the best way to re-situate my puzzle into something good: maybe a Santa with toys or a Monet painting (rather than the more Walking Dead-esque version currently floating around in my brain).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The rents in New York City

Somehow we managed to convince my dad to explore the big apple. This would not be such a big deal but for the fact that my mom packs in the fun and my dad likes to keep an even, relaxed pace. This dynamic is no easy task. Yet, we had such an amazing weekend. My mom's best friend since forever, second mom...was along for the ride as well.

They arrived from Oklahoma just after I got off work on Thursday. We went right home to Brooklyn to drop luggage and relax. For dinner, we decided to keep it local and headed up Dekalb to our neighborhood sports bar, Black Swan. I think it was a bit loud for our group, but the food was shockingly good! We usually just go there to watch sports and drink beer.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Vanity, excitement...and a few things.

Just some ramblings today...

So, they are making new Harry Potter movies. JK sent out an anagram tweet a week or so ago and got everyone pumped about something coming up. Now we find out "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is going to be 3 films! Scheduled to release beginning next year and stretching 4 or 5 years to the final installment. I guess it takes a while to make a movie! And they are set in New York the twenties! I could seriously cry in anticipation. I thought the final movie was the end of the HP universe. I'm so happy to hear that all of us have something more to look forward to. Just a bit of Harry's world makes me feel so so happy! It's embarrassingly silly how much I love those stories.

Small and white, clean and bright

I walk on concrete
I walk on grass
I walk on surfaces made of glass.

I walk for hours
a lifetime it could be
the crack that shatters.

It happened like that, with no warning
the hope was gone.


Hollowed, relentless.
Silly, even.

Now, a new familiar.

Light shines through what's left empty.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Life Lately and a few things...

*Summer love, my favorite shoes on the Highline, boyfriend's favorite copper sky bridge in midtown, dance like no one's watching, hotel Ellie, a hole so big, sushi after work, Times Square is closed, "I'll meet you at the sun", 101 layers of lasagna, and crazy nails.

And just a few things from the net...

Totally bought this.
Battle finally won.
Mmm delicious.
Read once it's cheaper.
Sad but true.

xo, E