Monday, November 10, 2014


I love Halloween, totally my favorite holiday. Like every year, we had to organize and make something awesome happen. We are so lucky to have found an amazingly fun group of friends in the city. All because of a seat in the beer tent :) We had a Facebook event page and everything. And Kraig came up from D.C.! In the end we had a nice size group. 

As always, I gave my costume tons of thought. I really wanted to do something scary...but I knew we were going to a nightclub so I didn't want anything to cumbersome. In the end I decided on a voodoo doll. I did a bunch of research on real dolls from the New Orleans area and based my ideas there. I made my costume out of foam, skewers, felt, string, and paint. In retrospect, I think colored pins might have come across better. I wore every flare skirt I own and my special little tie around the waist that my grandma gave me. I just found it in her house and started wearing it around my hair. Next thing I know, she set it out on the bed with the other things for me to take home. Grandma's are the best. The only thing I bought for the costume was the tan top, $1 flowers from the dollar store (in my hair/mop), tights, and some craft supplies.