Monday, November 10, 2014


I love Halloween, totally my favorite holiday. Like every year, we had to organize and make something awesome happen. We are so lucky to have found an amazingly fun group of friends in the city. All because of a seat in the beer tent :) We had a Facebook event page and everything. And Kraig came up from D.C.! In the end we had a nice size group. 

As always, I gave my costume tons of thought. I really wanted to do something scary...but I knew we were going to a nightclub so I didn't want anything to cumbersome. In the end I decided on a voodoo doll. I did a bunch of research on real dolls from the New Orleans area and based my ideas there. I made my costume out of foam, skewers, felt, string, and paint. In retrospect, I think colored pins might have come across better. I wore every flare skirt I own and my special little tie around the waist that my grandma gave me. I just found it in her house and started wearing it around my hair. Next thing I know, she set it out on the bed with the other things for me to take home. Grandma's are the best. The only thing I bought for the costume was the tan top, $1 flowers from the dollar store (in my hair/mop), tights, and some craft supplies.

We had the village people in our group...sans one member. The military one was on vacation for the night? 

Our friends live in Union Square, where they were having a party...which we were trying to get to. Now I know: if there is a parade going on in the city, add and hour to your travel time. Oh my goodness! We couldn't get through to anywhere! Half the trains stations were closed, the streets were packed, and they were funneling people through these narrow "sidewalks" made out of plastic barriers. What. a. mess. Once we did make it to their place, it was a great time though! We played Circle of Death (or whatever your name for it is...), ate those horrible, yet delicious, caramel apple suckers, and had some drinks together. A friend from my high school came with us too! It's crazy to re-connect with someone from so long ago. It makes me remember my sad purpose for this blog...that I have the worst memory on the planet. 

We actually ended up getting paparazzi-ed right outside their apartment. There were a lot of people out photographing the parade and everyone on the street. Our friends' apartment is right near the action and they have a great stoop. It's not altogether surprising we exited to a red carpet situation.

What is it about New York City and taking photographs while waiting for the train? Pretty good stuff I think. It was so funny riding the subway to the club. So many people dressed up! But, I think if you live here and you're not out partying for Halloween, you probably know to stay home. I saw avatars, cowboys, hippies, loofahs, three blind mice (this one is extra popular!), witches, skeletons, scary masks, circus people on stilts, the AHS girl, and a pretty spectacular Khaleesi. 

We picked FINALE as the place to spend the rest of the evening. This awesome event coordination company basically handles all holidays in the city, They sell tickets for tons of places and they make it really easy to choose one. I think we picked a good place! It was crowded, but played a good mix of music. By this time we were all going to have a great time regardless. It's so fun to go out with a big group!

Also, I have to give an homage to my eye make-up. The button was no joke.

Oh, Halloween, I'll be anxiously awaiting you once again. Until next year xo