Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Swimming with Dolphins

Full disclosure: I'd been dying to swim with dolphins for years. Before my dad's 60th birthday cruise, I had plenty of other opportunities to do so. I seems like this happens to me a lot (ahem* the life list item of waving from a trolley car photo that I never took while I lived in San Francisco for a year). I guess this time I finally had family who were equally excited so we all went for it.

Dad, family friend Kerrie, mom, and me
Our first quick pet of our new friend, a female teenage dolphin who's been training since birth

The facility that provides swimming with dolphins in Cozumel is top notch. The dolphins had huge tanks to swim and live in, plus they switched them out from time to time to give the dolphins rest. There were separate 'residence' tanks for the dolphins to relax at the end of their work day. Plus, it was open sea. When I see the poor sea life in salted tanks on land at places like Seaworld, it breaks my heart. These dolphins seemed to love people. They happily played around answering the gestures of trainers - doing an extra flip here and there - and swimming up greedily for a fish treat.

If you love all animals like I do, this is a must-do experience. It can be a bit costly, but SO WORTH IT. I'd swim again in a heartbeat. Just make sure you feel good about the facility and pay attention to how the trainers and staff treat the animals before you give them your money.

Also, I got to hang out with a walrus and feed him lettuce. Huge whiskers, grumbley, and everything a walrus should be. If you can add that in, do it.

Oh nuthin', just our secret dance

60? It's just a number.
Happy Birthday dad!