Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One for the books

I knew I wanted to throw boyfriend a surprise birthday party this year. Last year we had just moved to New York. Things were crazy and we didn't know many people. He made my birthday amazing still, as usual (still need to put that post together...its too much mushy love for a quick photo dump). BUT I pretty much failed so it was time to make it up to him. I started early - thought about the venue. A friend's house seemed too chill. Bowling was too expensive. Full-on renting a space in NYC would be way too expensive. Lucky for me, I know what he likes.

He's been really into craft beer ever since San Francisco. I think he's always been a connoisseur on all things taste, but we've really built a palate these days. Especially after our Oregon trip. There are tons of breweries literally everywhere nowadays. I called about 7 in and around the city, decided on Big Alice. The guy was so helpful and very supportive of the whole surprise part of it. I got a private tasting and tour for up to 15 people for less than $300. Pretty amazing! And he said we could stay as long as we like and they would play into the surprise however we need. Next came the hard part. To continue click below...