Monday, August 3, 2015

A Lesson on Ego, How To Lose Gracefully

Mom and I - Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Hello world.

It's been too long. I'm embarrassed. New York got away with me. She sure doesn't make it easy. Something tells me I'll have some more time on my hands over the next few months. And good thing, there's lots to catch up on. First thing's first:

Ellie, sometimes you just don't get your way.

What a concept. Children throw tantrums. Adults quit jobs, leave relationships, stop talking to family. It's so difficult to look at yourself square in the face and say "get over it, you lose". Are you going to be the person who loses gracefully and causes others to gawk in awe of your strength or possibly punish you further with accusations of weakness and dependence? Will you be that strong-willed one that ends up at square one with only like-minded friends to stand by? Will you sulk or buck up?

I had some struggles here in New York. This chapter is a lesson learned. I stopped writing, pretty much, because of one in particular. Had another one last week. I need to take it in. I should feel this. I want this time to make me wiser. Here's hoping.

For now, thanks for still being here, my trusty blog. I'm glad the internet keeps you safe for me.

Be back soon xo