Monday, August 17, 2015

The Northeast in one week! (Part 2 - Salem, Boston)

Mom and I left Seneca Falls with family in our hearts and took off to Salem, Mass. We thought about skipping Salem and having more time in Boston. Looking back, I am so glad we went! Witches, witches, witches!  To continue click below...

I mean, had I known, I would have gone just to see this amazing art exhibit right in the heart of Salem. Patrick Dougherty's work is really remarkable. If you have a minute, read about Stick Work. The community involvement is my favorite part. Everyone, getting together, to create something that serves no purpose besides drawing people, raising awareness, aesthetics. I love when art leaves money and value behind. 

Well, you can't go to Salem and not see the House of Seven Gables. Such a great tour. I loved seeing Puritan construction and learning about the puritan way of life. I would highly recommend that tour and also the night walking Hocus Pocus tour. The tour guide, Susan, was so informative and funny! We really really enjoyed that. 

Mom and I had some clam chowder and nachos at the Witch's Brew and stopped into a few witchy stores, shopped around for trinkets. It was really nice to just hang out with her. I don't get to do that nearly enough in my adult life.

Needless to say, we were so tired after the drive from Seneca Falls, then Salem, then down through Boston to our hotel. Unfortunately, we had to drive back into the city to pick up boyfriend late Friday night. Sigh. So good to see that guy though. I really missed him on this trip. There was so much of my family history I would have loved to share. Maybe another time :)

Good Morning Boston! Officially what felt like the most expensive city I've ever visited. Now, was this due to the fact that we were nearing the end of our trip, and my budget?  Or paying for all that seafood? Who knows! 
As per the usual, boyfriend sent us on the hunt for the best lobster roll. Hands down, this is the place. Row 34. Hot, buttered, perfect.

Second place: B&G. I'm not going to lie, I had a lot of wine at B&G, but I'm still sticking with R34 as my personal fav. As most of my close friends and family would attest, I'm not a huge fan of cold meat. Oh, I'll totally eat it in most all cases, especially if seafood is involved. But, hot and butter and nothing else. Yep, Ellie's roll for sure.

Also on the list for Boston, Fenway Park. How can you not? I was really really impressed. I've been to quite a few ball parks: Coors Field, Petco Park, MetLife Stadium, Oakland Coliseum, Citi Field, Yankees Stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium...but I LOVE Fenway. My favorite for sure. I mean, those classic seats, the low view, the green monster, the red seat, the music, the sunset. It was glorious. The only bummer was mom felt the seats were small and uncomfortable. I definitely wouldn't argue that point. I loved them all the same. I apparently inherited a love of old shit. I can try to fight it, but it stands. Luckily, my love of old shit (thanks dad!) is contained to experiences...and not stuff. I've seen too many episodes of Hoarders to go there, but I digress.

We caught a great homer, sat right behind the bullpen. I love watching them throw the ball that close. You can hear the zip noise even over the crowd. We went through two sets of waves brought on entirely by the crowd. (The mascot was missing for some reason.) We stayed until past the 7th inning pretty much just because I wanted to hear Sweet Caroline! Bump bump bump! Alas, it was time to go. But GUESS WHAT? It started playing on the way out. I bump bump bumped with everyone cheering walking through the street. Wouldn't change a thing.
Sticky bun from Flour bakery. Do. Not. Miss. This. 
After figuring out the crazy metro system, we headed down to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. They had some quality pieces for sure, but the highlight was the special exhibit of prints by Katsushika Hokusai (yes, I did just Google how to spell that). His work was incredible! Of course I'd seen the famous wave print, but the other works were just as amazing. I left very inspired. I'm planning to do a watercolor study of his waterfall series. I think what makes them so dynamic is the structure and composition. I've had a tattoo planned for a couple of years now and I knew I wanted a stamp..or some kind of block signature like the Asian artists do. I never sign my work. And I guess those blocks are just their name, but for some reason I love them. It's like the artist left a mark showing that the piece is their vision. Have you seen the little red wax stamps that are sometimes on Chinese art?

Its like the stamp says "don't forget this work was created, yo, it didn't just exist". I like the idea of leaving a mark, but I hate the idea of a name. Names are so stagnant and you don't even choose it yourself. More than likely, hundreds of people share your name. Even Rembrant, one of the most famous artists in history, people confuse with other artists with a first name Rembrandt. This is a unique mark, that you arranged. It's showcased but it somehow blends. I'm so sure I'll get one now. The only question is where? Last thing to add here: TURNER! Oh, Turner. I did a study of this exact painting in college. I could cry. Yeah, I won't lie, I teared up a bit.
We also stopped by Harpoon brewery (Good, but only the pretzels, awful beer!), Omni Parker House (Good, but maaaaybe not worth it, if you head down to the restroom, read the plaques on the walls - very cool), and the Beehive (Loved! I wish we could have stayed much longer). Also, the First Church (Highlight!), USS Constitution (I wasn't into it, boyfriend was), and Paul Revere's house (Ok, but nothing major). Now, this place I was into. The best part? It was just great to be out, doing some stuff, eating some great stuff with two people I love the most. AND, just a few Insta's to bring it home:

*Coney Island- under the parasol, the liberty bell, that time when mom and I found a Tim Horton's, bunny on the Ludovico Sculpture Trail, quick stop off our route, and on the erie canal tour.

Until next time! xo