Monday, September 21, 2015

How was your Saturday?

Just one of those weekends in New York. 

Boyfriend got a Groupon for a Greek place in Astoria, Queens. We got up Saturday to go check it out and ended up walking around the area before lunch. I considered Astoria as a potential area to live when we decided to move to the Upper East Side. After actually walking through, I'm really glad we ended up finding our place so quickly. I wouldn't have liked this option. Granted, I only spent a couple hours in the neighborhood, but from where I stand...
Brooklyn > Queens. We came across some amazing street art, however. The Socrates Sculpture Park is a sad little place. Good farmers market, but it could really use an investment in the sculpture department. I'm still a bit confused about where Long Island City ends and Astoria begins.  Regardless, pretty much the whole area looks like a regular old city. It's hard to believe you are still in New York. To continue click below...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life Lately

 *Rain in NY...still my fav, death in Louisiana, New Orleans in a 2x2, drinks with rents,view from the Met, couple yoga, the infamous cronut, and my godpup DJ Cool Herc.

Much love blogosphere xo

Monday, September 14, 2015

love is real.

You know how people often say that relationships take so much work?

Can I just take a moment to set the record straight? So not true. I might be in a magical situation but boyfriend and I's relationship has never been work. Actually, I'm definitely in a magical situation. Regardless, world, it exists! It's not always work. Or hard. Or complicated. Or...well anything bad at all. Sure, we've had a few arguments and a couple tough times. None of that is constant and none of that takes work. We weather the storms together, always. I choose this man. Every single day. To continue click below...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget

It wasn't that long ago two towers stood;
where those two hallow squares now should;
give solace to those who experienced loss;
and stand guard as a symbol for what politics cost.
If we don't value humanity and protect each other;
the enemy is us and we'll hurt our own brother;
let's swallow our pride and find compromise;
or more holes in our earth should be no surprise.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

That time it was the best time ever.

In honor of today being the day James Sirius would start school at Hogwarts...
My first look at the Wizarding World
Hi everyone. My name is Ellie. I'm an addict. My offense: Harry Potter.

Ms. Rowling so lovingly romanticizes life while maintaining the highest level of detail. It's glorious. My dog's name is Gryffindor. I own a time turner. I have read these books 17+ times (yes, all of them). Meaning, that's not counting the umpteenth amount of times I read them between the years 1998-2007 (before the release of the entire series).

They are housed quite perfectly in a little trunk under my bed with notes and coffee stains and love. And I have all the movies, the Ultimate editions with full special footage. This story is a constant in my life. It's like an extra parent. I just love it. It makes me feel brave to know that no matter what happens in life – if I’m dirt poor, all alone, horribly heart-broken or just a normal day and the happiest of people, Harry will be there and I get to love his story all over again. To continue click below...