Tuesday, September 1, 2015

That time it was the best time ever.

In honor of today being the day James Sirius would start school at Hogwarts...
My first look at the Wizarding World
Hi everyone. My name is Ellie. I'm an addict. My offense: Harry Potter.

Ms. Rowling so lovingly romanticizes life while maintaining the highest level of detail. It's glorious. My dog's name is Gryffindor. I own a time turner. I have read these books 17+ times (yes, all of them). Meaning, that's not counting the umpteenth amount of times I read them between the years 1998-2007 (before the release of the entire series).

They are housed quite perfectly in a little trunk under my bed with notes and coffee stains and love. And I have all the movies, the Ultimate editions with full special footage. This story is a constant in my life. It's like an extra parent. I just love it. It makes me feel brave to know that no matter what happens in life – if I’m dirt poor, all alone, horribly heart-broken or just a normal day and the happiest of people, Harry will be there and I get to love his story all over again. To continue click below...

For my 29th birthday, we finally took the journey to Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Oh what a world it is! Seriously, they built this thing for me. Without question, all the details!! I mean, I was giddy for 3 whole days. Giddy face:

The joy is indescribable. Ron's sweater! The firebolt in the window! Just like Harry visited every day that summer in Diagon Alley.  Bam! Awesome Harry Potter reference- bam! bam! bam! 

Eeylops Owl Emporium!

The wand found me! Specifically, an Ivy wand with a dragon heartstring core. You can use your birthday, but that's not fun. My wand magically chose me of course.

An uncommon wandwood due to the difficulty of harvesting thick enough pieces, Ivy is often worth the trouble, as it is deceptively strong. Associated with tenacity, stamina and endless patience. Ivy people are strong and determined; they set goals and achieve them. Eeee!

Overall, the park had great snacks, interesting drinks, and lots of fun souvenirs. I brought $300 to spend on random crap I don't need. I only spent $220! Yay! They have frozen butterbeer (highly recommend!), regular butterbeer, butterbeer mixed with mead, some kind of green boba drink I tried, and their own beer! Harry Potter brewing company haha pleasant surprise. They even use "gilly water" for bottled water. Heaven. We spent 3 days in what amounts to probably a square mile of space. And we tried, did, rode everything. 

One of my favorite things was this little stage play of the Tale of the Three Brothers. They had beautiful hand-carved puppets and a comedic routine to go around the story. The whole staff of HP world gets really into it. They call credit cards "muggle plastic" and use HP verbiage all the time. It's just...the. best. thing. ever.
Don't do it boyfriend! House elves should be FREE!
Knockturn Alley! It was literally dark! And scary! So neat. They have Borgin & Burkes and all the creepy items for sale. My wand has a sensor on the end which lets you do magic spells throughout the park. Yeah, I know "OH MY GOSH NO WAY". Completely serious.
I made it RAIN all around the wizarding world. And being a practiced witch myself, I used nonverbal spells the entire time.
Also, when a spell spot wasn't working they put a sign up saying the location had an anti-jinx placed on it. Yeah, I know. 

Gotta throw in a silly face.

Number 12 Grimmauld Place 

Have you ever seen an ice cream so perfect?
"Excuse me, I'm headed to the ministry. Please mind your own business."

*Note. This lady totally ass bombed my photo. Luckily, nothing could ruin my snack in Diagon Alley.


*I broke the rules and recorded the ride on my cell phone. I couldn't help it. You'd record it too if you were following Harry on a broomstick.
Oh, nuttin. Just Dumbledore GIVING A SPEECH to ME (and some other silly muggles). Yes, Dumbledore! I'll attend Hogwarts! Just send me my damn letter already.
Madam Puddifoots was closed. I tried the alohomora charm. Alas, no luck. 
Mimbulus mimbletonia!

Birthday cauldron cake :)

Bye for now Diagon Alley. You know I'll be back. After all, I'll need supplies. 

Even looking back now makes me emotional. I'm so lucky to finally visit this hallowed ground and bask in the light of Harry Potter glory. They did such a great job putting the park together and honoring my forever favorite story! And I had high expectations. Special thanks to boyfriend for accompanying me and putting up with a large amount of silliness. Harry will always be in my heart.

'The thing about growing up with Fred and George,' said Ginny thoughtfully, 'is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.'