Sunday, November 15, 2015

Panda Bears and French Clowns

Happy Halloween! Yeah, I'm a fan. You know this. I love when Halloween falls on a weekend. It's basically a guarantee to do TWO costumes. Yes please! So this year I got the idea that our big group of friends should do a theme costume. We were down to Mad Max characters, Troll dolls, Guess Who characters, or french clowns. Pierrots won it. I had so much fun painting everyone's faces.

I think Jackie's (far left) clown was the most successful. Mine won Most Budget Conscious spending only $12. I think Jen's would have been Most Charming but she got stuck in North Carolina unexpectedly and missed the festivities. The guys' costumes were definitely creepier. Also, I have no idea why someone in New York thought it was a brilliant idea to put a pizza sofa on the street. So glad they did though.

The second night we had tickets to a EDM show at a warehouse in Brooklyn. I wanted to be a dancing troupe of panda bears but no one would come up with a synchronized dance with me! I was thinking Hotline Bling meets nay nay. Anyway. It was still good fun. Borgore put on a solid show. It actually got a bit rowdy for me towards the end. I guess I'm not quite as down for being hit in the face by massive men insisting on holding the front rows when they could see just fine from the bathroom...I digress. 

I'm already psyched for next Halloween. Until next time, xo