Thursday, January 7, 2016


in Italy

1. My cousin Annie and her record player
2. Hearing "buonanotte" every evening from every member of my Italian family
3. The Trevi fountain (it is as good as everyone says it is)
4.  Capuchin crypt
5. Ceilings...all of them
6. Taking selfies in palace mirrors
7. Cheese
8. Pasta
9. Bramante Staircase
10. Gazing at the sky through the pantheon ceiling
11. Gelato
12. The glow of warm light that just is in Rome
13. My coffee shop in Florence
14. The Duomo
15. Grocery shopping to save money and spending double what I would at a restaurant
15. Falling in love with Bellini
16. Did I say pasta?
17. Ordering Pepsi with milk to enjoy a little bit of home in Firenze
18. Spending almost 7 hours at the Uffizi because I just couldn't say goodbye to Botticelli
19. The districts of Siena
20. Walking the halls of the convent where Fra Angelico painted that infamous fresco in 1440 (a masterpiece of its time in simplicity and quiet symbolism)