Friday, February 19, 2016

A Family Vacation

New Orleans had been on my list for years. When boyfriend and I finally decided to plan a trip, our parents signed on almost immediately. It's not too far from where my parents live and boyfriend's mom and and stepdad are always down for an adventure. Basically we each picked a must-do activity. Mine was plantation houses, Elaine's was a cooking-related tour. We wanted to do a swamp tour but we weren't able to squeeze that in. We did end up doing a haunted walking tour of the city, a hop-on hop-off bus tour (my mom), and tons of time spent on Bourbon Street. Luckily, we also found out about Frenchmen Street where the more local jazz bars are set up. For being just a long weekend, we jam packed our trip.
It was really special to spend time as a a big group, mixing our families together. They'd all met before (I think), but they really got to know each other on this trip. Looking back, boyfriend and I both agree it was one of our most successful adventures thus far. Everything just seemed to flow and work out perfectly. So much fun.
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Friday, February 5, 2016


Hello world,

Once again, I've London this time. First time living in another country. To be very British about it: it's really quite strange actually. (It's like the entire English accent is half adverbs and the other half adverbs that modify adverbs, really.)

I have a job, finishing up the first week today. I feel so American. I'm experiencing a very small version of what it must be like to be an immigrant. My bank account is laughable. I can't get a credit card. Getting a mobile phone took weeks. But, honestly, all of that is sidelined by the fact that I miss home. My family is 7 hours away. When I'm free, they are at work. When they are free, I'm asleep. I can't text friends throughout the day. I can't call my family on a regular phone. I have to use spotty apps that drop the call every 3 minutes. I feel so disconnected. Luckily, boyfriend is here with me. He's been working so late and studying for a big exam that most of the time I actually feel bad trying to chat. All and all, I won't lie and say I like how things are going so far. I bought a stuffed animal the other day, or should I say 'soft toy'. It's an elephant that I named Hufflepuff, or Huffy for short. It has heart-shaped ears and a tail made of small, black rope. Apparently minor depression shoots me right back to 1992. AND turns me from a mighty Gryffindor to a patient Hufflepuff...
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