Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missing my New York Family

Boyfriend is lucky enough to get to jetset back to New York all the time for work. I'm trying not to be toooooo jealous. We have so many mutual friends in the city. We just got so so lucky during our time there to meet incredible people. Trust me, I've moved enough to know that is not always the case.
My lovely little North Carahl-i-na girlfriend Jen is one of the most genuine, just completely fun people I know. She's very honest and you can't not respect that. I miss chillin with her at her place after work and having someone to vent to about office drama. Her hubby, Mo (together, Jenmo), the European of the group, is German and has such an open heart. He's a great listener and now, living in another country, I completely understand why his face lit up every time we had German beer. Click below to continue reading...

DJ Cool Herc
Daijah, the first to leave the crew when she moved to San Francisco, keeps everyone laughing. I can literally say anything to D and she wouldn't be offended. She may drop some knowledge on you but never with hurtful purpose. I miss our shared love of Taylor Swift and her solid nudie photo advice. Payton, another NC native, is down for whatever. He's the friend you want by your side when some shit goes down and when it's time to party. Boyfriend and I like to think we're the same way so got on well straight away (that sounded so British). I miss his rapping and his dog, DJ Cool Herc (also down for whatever).
We all became good friends so fast! We had great times together. I miss our on-going group texts full of silly dog photos, stories of crazy New Yorkers, subway delay bitching, and, let's be honest, all the foodie food planning. I'd totally sit down to a game of Settlers with this group over a lot of really fun things in the world :)

Shout outs have to be made for the latecomers of the group: Devin, Payton's tiny girlfriend who's very caring and hilariously opinionated (and the most picky person I've ever met) and her teeny tiny dog Bella. Jacquie, Jen's bestie who loves art as much as I do and has the best smile. And her boyfriend Ash, who was my only British friend before the big move.

Hazel Kitteh

Lastly, Jenmo's kitty, Hazel.

It's always nice to feel part of something and to know you have people to call no matter what time it is. Happily, I got some of those people in New York and I'll always call them friends.

Few of my favorite things:
- That time the Halloween paparazzi caught us on the stoop and someone found it on the internet the next day
- When Mo showed up at the Jazz Age with old-timey props for our picnic blanket
- When Jen got turbaned
- When I got drunk at D's and sat on her lap (and almost another person) on the train to Manhattan
- The Shining in Bryant Park
- How Jen jumped out screaming at boyfriend's surprise party
- Dressing up vintage and getting smashed in the middle of the day (wish I could remember the name of this event)
- Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving '14)

Miss you guys NYFam! See you in April xo