Friday, March 4, 2016

Updates and Things

Boyfriend's birthday and I'm totes broke (but that's another post). This year I can't afford to do anything really cool like rent a local brewery. I'm always so stressed about his birthday because he makes mine so special. He's been making it special since before we were dating! He threw me a surprise party and got me a cupcake piñata for Christ's sake. Anyway, once again, I have to settle on something simple. I took him to a Brazilian grill and got him a gelato cake. Both turned out great. I also picked him up a hilarious card with a penguin wearing sneakers, as all penguins should. I have a new past time of purchasing various greeting cards while inordinately pissed. Pretty sure the card I bought for Mother's Day has a swear word in it.

Just a few bits from the net...
I want these. Alas, at £79, it's unlikely to happen.
I'd love to take a couple of these to Coachella!