Friday, April 22, 2016

Coachella Recap and a few other things

Still loving the festival photos from last weekend at Coachella. I can't wait to be older and look back and remember with so much clarity how much fun I had. Photography really is an incredible gift to me.

RECAP // Out of that lovely list I put together and going through the daunting (and FUN) task of listing to every act, here are the ones I got to see:

Same as last time pretty much. He did bring out School Boy Q which I would never complain about. I missed my two favorite songs somehow. BUT I'm quite glad I was there to witness A$AP bring Kanye West on stage with no mic sound. Hilarious. Shortly after the whole set cut off. Not sure why, but I can guess.
CALVIN HARRIS                             
Wow. Boy was I wrong about my enthusiasm level for Calvin. He was incredible! Great song choices, solid mixing, brought out Rihanna! I won't lie, I'm not a huge lover of riri, but no doubt cool to see her perform. I'd see Calvin again in a heartbeat.
Quite as good as I expected. Absolutely solid reggae performance. Perfect mid-day jam sess. Heard all three of my fav tunes. All good.
We left midway through Sia to check out Flume and turned immediately around to go back. Super eh performance.
This was a big bummer for me. I really wanted to see G but we didn't get there in time so could only barely hear (over the other stages) and couldn't see anything because of how far back we were. If I had it to do over, after A$AP, I'd have skipped that beer and run over to the Sahara to try and squeeze at least inside the tent. Very poor choice by Coachella to put a new star like G in the tiny house tent. What were they thinking? That said, what I did hear was DOPE.

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Photo cred above: Janelle

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wordy thirty

BAH I've been avoiding this post like the plague but I wanted to write it so here goes. My birthday is next week. I love my birthday. Love the Facebook post counting, promise of cake (with sprinkles when a girl is lucky), calls from family, cards to put on the window sill and feel special, and it always feels like a big celebration of life. Another year down and (wow!) look what I did with it. I've been REALLY REALLY lucky recently to fill the last few years with nothing short of wonder (from my perspective of course). So many friends are counting weddings and houses and babies but I've been counting cities, events, jobs, friendships. Life is so good. I think I still love my birthday. However, this year is a bit different.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Queue up Coachella!

I'm headed to the states this week. Pit stop in New York, then Diego. Big reason for the trip: Coachella! I've wanted to go for years. The year I turn 30 seems like a pretty solid time to make it happen. It's such a huge show...with almost 200 different bands playing. I know only 5% of them. So, I decided to take it upon myself to scrub the list. They are in alphabetical order and categorized by want to see, would like to see, wouldn't mind seeing, and way. Further, the >> after their name means they were an obvious choice to see before the list was made so no need to comment. I just threw a couple personal comments in on each to remind myself of my initial opinion. I'm actually stoked now to see how many of the noted acts I get to see and what I think of them after the show.
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Monday, April 4, 2016


Having been in Italy with family for a bit, it was pretty exciting to go back to travel mode for our day trip to Matera.
I'm quite partial to Gravina but Matera is definitely a more traveled place. It's set for tourists with little souvenirs and everything. The reason is this place is prehistoric. Here is one of the very first human settlements. In both Gravina and Matera you can easily view troglodyte homes in the side of the mountains and also carved into the existing stone, which serves a foundation for the city. What looks like small holes in the photo here are actually fairly large caves. Some, with prehistoric carving and painting inside. What happened in the sassi, or ancient city, of Matera is these carved rock homes were built up over centuries. (Click below to read on.)