Friday, April 22, 2016

Coachella Recap and a few other things

Still loving the festival photos from last weekend at Coachella. I can't wait to be older and look back and remember with so much clarity how much fun I had. Photography really is an incredible gift to me.

RECAP // Out of that lovely list I put together and going through the daunting (and FUN) task of listing to every act, here are the ones I got to see:

Same as last time pretty much. He did bring out School Boy Q which I would never complain about. I missed my two favorite songs somehow. BUT I'm quite glad I was there to witness A$AP bring Kanye West on stage with no mic sound. Hilarious. Shortly after the whole set cut off. Not sure why, but I can guess.
CALVIN HARRIS                             
Wow. Boy was I wrong about my enthusiasm level for Calvin. He was incredible! Great song choices, solid mixing, brought out Rihanna! I won't lie, I'm not a huge lover of riri, but no doubt cool to see her perform. I'd see Calvin again in a heartbeat.
Quite as good as I expected. Absolutely solid reggae performance. Perfect mid-day jam sess. Heard all three of my fav tunes. All good.
We left midway through Sia to check out Flume and turned immediately around to go back. Super eh performance.
This was a big bummer for me. I really wanted to see G but we didn't get there in time so could only barely hear (over the other stages) and couldn't see anything because of how far back we were. If I had it to do over, after A$AP, I'd have skipped that beer and run over to the Sahara to try and squeeze at least inside the tent. Very poor choice by Coachella to put a new star like G in the tiny house tent. What were they thinking? That said, what I did hear was DOPE.

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Photo cred above: Janelle

GARY CLARK JR                            

He was good. I'm just not sure the energy was there. Could be because we came straight from Chronixx so it felt a bit like a drag. I'm actually seeing him again in June so maybe a second round will be just right.
GUNS N' ROSES                               

Wow. Another one I underestimated. They were old and looked old, but DAMN did not sound old. Axel was so weird sitting in his little wheelchair but those pipes man. It did not even matter. Totes loved em. My only complaint is that they played wayyyyy too long and too many just ok songs. For a festival, I prefer a solid play your hits, maybe one or two new/unknowns and move the fuck on. I was not about to stand there jamming to mediocre songs until 2 in the morning just to hear Sweet Child o' Mine. Needless to say, I watched a little over an hour and left to see RL Grime.

ICE CUBE                                          
Oh boy. Absolute highlight of the festival of course. He was fanfuckingtastic. Played all the good songs. Brought out an insane list of surprise guests: DJ Yella, MC Ren - holla back NWA, Common (swoon), his son, and Snoop D oh double G (ah mah gawd). When the dogg came out, I almost fainted. We got down, screamed the songs, great stage presence, I could see everything. In fact, the only bummer was the bad crowd. They were a bit too cool for school to boogie on with us down people. What can you do.


I mean, another obvious awesome. I feel like the ground Skrillex walks on must shoot out glitter and fun. So amazing - great songs, mixes. Brought the singers on several songs: Kiesza from Take U There, AlunaGeorge from To U, and Post Malone. Just all around fantastic.
Another perfect performance. I was really hyped up for them and they totally delivered. They fueled on with the same Caribbean style beats, high energy, and of course they had massive amounts of confetti, fireworks, you name it. They brought out Mø to sing for their big hit, DJ Snake, and Sean Paul. At a few points, there wasn't even anyone manning the spinners. All energy.
So glad I caught a bit of this jewel. She was good! Still a great voice and really fun little set. 


That bit of woodstock that was missing. Tons of soul. A show with these guys and Grace Potter could be heaven.
Completely solid of course. I thought they sounded better in person than on the record. Great performance.
Totally rocked the fuck out. Surrounded by people who had no clue the value of this band. Alas, I completely jammed anyway. It was so punk rock you guys.
Good stuff. Following Jack U would be tough for anyone. I honestly did think he would mix more rap songs. That's certainly how he seems on iTunes/YouTube. Overall, a bit house heavy for me. 
She was amazing. Loved every minute. Beautiful voice, interpretive dance!, I mean, couldn't ask for more. I was upset we had to leave for Flume and equally stoked when we headed right back. 
Only caught the last couple of songs but so so good. They played my fav, jammed out. Perfect ending to an incredible day.


Oh boy. So so good. Humble, hard, energy, all just awesome. Great mix of people in the tent and perfect set time to start out strong to the evening. Loved it.
I didn't set out to catch them. I was just watching during a bathroom wait. This is really the only benefit to the stages being so close together at chella - you end up getting bits of things without trying. I happen to be there when the lead singer of Panic at the Disco showed up. Love that song. Hugo and I totes jammed.
I only caught the last song unfortunatly. Regardless, solid reggae performance. Happy I got to see a bit of it.
Again, just caught the last song. We were in line for beer. In fact, I spent much of this festival in line for beer. Coachella should work on that. Take a cue from Oktoberfest - it can't be that hard to get people a beer. Vandals rocked out. I'm not sure but I think they were in the middle of kicking a speaker over towards the end. Punk rock.


I'm pretty sure she is who was spinning at the Do Lab midday Sunday. I can't be certain but it seems right. Anyway, she or whoever it was: good stuff.
Unexpected and great! She had a dope set. Good songs. Glad I was there.

So, out of about 170, I saw 23. Not bad really :)

Here's a few I was sad to miss:
Disclosure: They were definitely on my list AND Lorde showed up. UGH
Ellie Goulding: I did want to see her but it was same time as G Easy soooooo.
Gallent: Turns out Seal showed up.
Zella Day: Such a bummer. I wanted to see her.
Run the Jewels: I wanted to see them AND Nas showed up (peanut butter and JEALOUS).
Grimes: Only because I'm obsessed with Janelle Monae.

 So that's pretty much how I looked every day, night, and then morning :X

Lastly, I have to give a quick Coachella shout out to Afters ice cream. Quite honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten. It's a fried bread ice cream sandwich. Yeah, I know. It's as good as you can possibly imagine - and better.

Here's a few fun net browsinis:

Want so bad.
Donate trees.
When can I afford such things?
SUCH a good point.
I killed my marigolds at Coachella. So, maybe these?
I wish.
Had no idea a clothes rack could be so beautiful.