Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hello from the otherside

So far in London, life is a roller coaster. At first it wasn't easy, but it's gotten a lot better. I'm settling in now, getting used to the Brits in my office and learning how to live a constant life of travel planning. I'm filling up my passport at such a steady rate I have to replace it in October (thanks Obama). Behind on my travel blogging which there's no excuse for but I've made some truly excellent friends here. I'd like to have more friends join our travels but it's hard when you're working in such a small window and don't want to wait to book for fear the price will go up and don't want to bend on your must-sees and -- yeah, I guess it's just never that easy to plan trips with friends.

I'm cooking a lot lately and really enjoy my time in the kitchen. I'm starting to learn to build flavors and check flavors. I don't know what changed recently but I feel confident I can make some really good meals (for myself lol, whether or not anyone else likes it is still to be determined). Maybe boyfriend cooking less. He used to rule the kitchen but he's been working so much lately, I've made it my own. And I love seeing St Pancras out of the kitchen window (Kings Cross Station to all you Harry Potter fans out there, the real Kings Cross, it's next door neighbor, isn't nearly as beautiful - I suppose King's Cross has a lot more whimsy than St Pancras which most people don't even know how to say properly).
 Gong, top of the Shard, London

I'm finding some truths in my work. Although I still enjoy compliance, I'm realizing it's not compliance that I love about compliance - it's the rules and systems and the constantly changing environment of the regulatory space. Unfortunately I've found myself in a pretty old school firm and in a pretty old school country where those regulatory updates that make the SEC so exciting aren't quite present. I am missing some of that challenge. For now, I'm enjoying the editing aspect of my work. I love how I get to do so much reading. Between reading all the financial promotions and marketing materials at work, keeping up with US and international news, reading my blogosphere regulars, and reading books on the train - I have to be building up my vocabulary! And I'm really getting finance knowledge all day every day which helps with my goal of speaking finance fluently (maybe not getting a masters and understanding everything in detail...speaking on it is quite good enough for me :)). I'm also keeping Google finance up on my computer and searching each and every term I don't know or don't fully understand. Read, go and get info, read that, read wherever that sends me, and when I finally come to a dead end I can go back to reading the first thing - sounds like fun right?
Outside Dishoom at Kings Cross -- Me, boyfriend, and
his momma Elaine during her trip to London from Texas
The dentist this week was a laughable experience. A teeth "cleaning" in Britain is definitely not the same as back home....and cost about $150 with insurance. I guess I'll be taking a bit better care of my teeth at home from now on.

I'm getting a big tattoo this weekend. My first big one since my chest piece. I'm a bit nervous but mostly just really excited. I've waited a long time for this one. I hope it's as beautiful on as I imagine it will be.

This weekend is also my first rugby match! (To watch, not play haha.) Should be fun. Well, ta ta for now lovely blog xo